Cancel Santa? Rethinking Cancel Culture

Cancel Santa? Rethinking Cancel Culture

Oh yeah, Old Saint Nick has had it coming for quite some time now.

CultureDecember 06, 2022

There will be a time where we look back at the 2020’s and have many strange memories. One of them will be the age of cancel culture. Whether it’s an allegation, a display of egregious behavior caught on an elevator cam, a scandalous screenshot, or a borderline morally questionable tweet, cancel culture has gobbled up and spit out some of the most popular household names of the last century. But what exactly does cancel mean? Who declares someone canceled? Why do we care so much in the first place? Who is “we” when I ask that?

Well, if it’s the same “we” I'm thinking of, then WE more than likely (whether you like it or not) can all agree Santa Claus should be on the cancel culture chopping block. Oh yeah, Old Saint Nick has had it coming for quite some time now. Cancel culture doesn’t just take out people. As you all know, it takes out fictional people as well. How Santa wasn’t canceled before Mr. Potato Head is beyond me.

Why do we still even practice this tradition in the first place? For some strange reason parents around the world are in collusion making up this big elaborate lie that some fat old man with a beard in a red suit is magically showering their children in gifts prepared by his herd of elves. Isn’t that kind of like indentured servitude? CANCELED! What about the North Pole where he keeps these little elves year round at this magical amusement park like environment? We don’t know what he’s doing to those elves in the off season. CANCELLED!. What about this secret union of old men that impersonate Santa so they can get children to sit on their laps for a quick photo? CANCELED! Are those reindeer even grass fed? What’s up with Rulolphs nose? Looks like an untreated infection to me. That’s animal abuse. CANCELLED!

My point is that Santa doesn’t exist and if you were to ask me who or what should be canceled I would answer that it’s more a matter of preference as an individual rather than “we” as a whole. I say CANCEL cancel culture because whether you want to lie to your kids about Santa Clause or if I want to buy Louis CK’s special directly from his website, we all should be allowed to pick who and what we deem appropriate for our lives. With that being said, how do we expect to ALL agree on what’s right or wrong if we can’t even decide how to spell “Canceled/ Cancelled.”