Creating Connections With Tattoo Artist Aries Rhysing

Creating Connections With Tattoo Artist Aries Rhysing

"The idea that we as humans can love an idea or a piece of art so much we will permanently and painfully tattoo it on our bodies is powerful and has incredible value in the human experience."

ArtJune 28, 2022

Hard work, sacrifice and a love for community have been some of the driving forces behind artist and All Sacred Tattoo Owner Aries Rhysing’s success. The Tattooers’ dedication to his craft and reverence for the people who inspire it show through in the detail of his art as well as the work he does fundraising for supporting high-risk youth, addicts in recovery, and animals in need in Denver. His style of tattooing, in his own words, serves to create connection with the body and its anatomy, and clearly that purpose carries over into all areas of his work.

Years Tattooing: 23
Style/Specialty: Ornamental NeoJapanese

Drink of choice: 

Sweet sweet coffee.

What would you be doing professionally if you weren’t a tattooer?

I have a huge interest in local activism/community work. Most likely I would focus on working with high-risk youth and addiction solutions, or working with animals in need! 

Do you have any hidden talent(s)?

No big secrets here… I have become the artist I am through tattooing and the amazing opportunities to create for my clients. I have plans in motion for more fine art as well, and I’m currently working on art for an Oracle Deck with my wife Missy Rhysing!!!

What’s in rotation on your playlist right now?

I love Isis, Mastadon, After The Burial, Architects, Boy Harsher, Cold Cave, The Ghost Inside, Stick To Your Guns, always Pos and Brother Ali. 

What made you want to get into tattooing?

I have always been mesmerized by tattoos and the people that wear them. The idea that we as humans can love an idea or a piece of art so much we will permanently and painfully tattoo it on our bodies is powerful and has incredible value in the human experience… I never imagined tattooing could be a “career”.  My greatest hope when I started  was to be the best tattooer I could be, and provide a good life for my family in spite of the sacrifices that would be made… I continue to walk this path with that as my goal. 


How would you describe your style?

Ornamental NeoJapanese…This is a style I have been working on for many years now and hope to make my biggest contribution to tattooing with this as it evolves. It is a perfect synergy of the ornamental/geometric creations that are so important as focal points and means of symbolic expression in my work, combined with the bold flowing backgrounds and elements from nature that exist in NeoJapanese tattooing and serve to create connection with the body and its anatomy. 

First tattoo you ever got?

I was tattooed several times in a living room at the age of 14 because I just couldn’t wait to start getting tattooed… Not advised, but I wouldn’t trade the experience (although I have covered everything I got at that age with other tattoos!) 

Do you have any tattoos you regret? (Getting or giving)

No! However my only wish (for a future life) is to plan an entire bodysuit with a cohesive theme and art that flows with my anatomy, planned from the start with an artist (or artists) I love working with!!!

What is your favorite part about being a tattoo artist, and what is the most challenging?

My favorite part of being a tattoo artist is the amazing people I get to work with and all the art I get to share that is in part created with their inspiration… The most challenging thing about being a tattoo artist is working against all odds in the world we currently live in to always give my best for the amazing people I get to work with, and always share art that is worthy of their inspiration…


What kind of changes have you seen with tattoo trends over the years and what’s been the worst one(s), in your opinion?

I have seen the most change in the area of specialization for specific tattoo styles. Because of our social media exposure, tattoo artists have a unique opportunity to focus only on the art and tattooing that they love the most or even create a style that they specialize in. This allows clients to seek out tattooers that are doing something they love and really excel at because it’s their entire body of work. The same platforms that allow for this are also partially responsible for the other biggest change I have seen which is not the greatest in my opinion… We have entered an era where someone can bypass all the hard work and sacrifice it took most of us to become tattooers, and present themselves on social media as if they are already professionals even going so far as “specializing” in certain popular styles of tattooing without really learning the extensive art and complicated craft that goes into mastering any style of tattooing. Because of this they also of course have no real experience to offer,  which doesn’t serve them or their clients well. I have made endless sacrifices continually learning my craft and advancing my art -  to make myself worthy of the privilege we have to tattoo and create art that lives on people’s bodies throughout this lifetime. It is such an honor and I am grateful for every challenge along this path!


Where do you get inspiration from? 

I am inspired by the amazing artists and tattooers that paved the road before me as well as the other tattooers in our community that work tirelessly to expand the horizons of what tattooing will become. I also draw great inspiration from the expansiveness of nature, and the beautiful inspired art of all the cultures inhabiting the world today and in days gone by. 

How can we check out more of your work?

Instagram: @ariesrhysing @allsacredtattoo