Georgia Music Festival Canceled Due to Gun Laws, Elementary Schoolers Rejoice

Georgia Music Festival Canceled Due to Gun Laws, Elementary Schoolers Rejoice

Are we the only ones that would sacrifice the entire second amendment just to see My Chemical Romance live again?

MusicAugust 09, 2022 By Marshall Dunham

Music Midtown, a two-day music festival held in Atlanta, Georgia, was recently canceled, and if you guessed that it was because of a super weird gray area involving public spaces, private events, and the state’s gun laws, then congratulations: you’re a very good guesser.

According to an article from NPR, an official announcement from the event cites “reasons beyond our control” as reason for the cancellation. However, we know deep down that it’s because young and depressed Caucasian males have ruined a good thing for everyone.

So what’s the trouble? Essentially the festival would take place at Piedmont Park, where Georgia allows the carrying of firearms. However, Music Midtown has a no weapons policy, and things begin to get convoluted when you tell a whole bunch of Georgians that they can or cannot do something.

“But Live Nation had been facing a challenge of its policy banning ‘weapons or explosives of any kind’ on festival grounds,” reads an article from Bloomberg. “In May, a gun rights activist wrote the Atlanta City Law Department demanding that the festival’s permit be yanked unless it rescinded the weapons ban in accordance with state law. And a state Supreme Court ruling in April on a different public space made Live Nation’s legal right to ban guns at the festival questionable.”

Headliners for the festival included My Chemical Romance (which definitely doesn’t have songs about guns), Fall Out Boy (which definitely doesn’t have a few songs about guns), Future (who definitely doesn’t have any songs about guns), and Jack White (who doesn’t have any songs in their discography referencing guns).

Meanwhile, we don’t see what the real trouble is. If they’re so afraid of guns, couldn’t the festival organizers just get a nice security detail to keep an eye on things, like the Uvalde Police Department?

We know, we know… shots fired, but then again, what did that change last time?