Rooster's Epic Gift Guide 2022

Rooster's Epic Gift Guide 2022

Some of the best local gifts Colorado has to offer.

CultureDecember 05, 2022

If all the Black Friday ads blowing up your feed haven't already clued you in...the Holidays are upon us. Once again, it's time for you to show how thoughtful and cool you are to all the important people in your life by presenting them with the perfect gift - Colorado style.  Rooster's here to help. We give you our 2022 Gift Guide!


Be A Good Person

Shop local and share a positive message! Denver-based apparel and lifestyle brand Be A Good Person offers a variety of championed streetwear styles and silhouettes. With a focus on quality materials and sustainable practices, Be A Good Person has always used clothing as a medium for a bigger message. Spread positivity this holiday season and support a local streetwear favorite! Use promo code “Rooster22” for 20% off your online order. || Prices Vary


All-In-One Grow Bag

Have you ever thought of growing mushrooms in the comfort of your own home? Realize the simplicity & learn the art of mushroom cultivation in an easy 4-step process with the “ALL IN ONE GROW BAG” for only $30.00.  Each purchase comes with a coupon for a free research spore.
Use code “THEROOSTER” for 15% off at checkout. || $30



DIA Blucifer Keychain - ROOSTER EXCLUSIVE!

This holiday season, bring home the magic and confusion as to why this horse exists at DIA in the first place in a fun and accessable lightup keychain! Whether you’re giving a gift to your ex-Colorado friend,a loving  family member or your co-worker’s vasectomy celebration, Blucifer will deliver the ultimate smile—and slight panic attack.  ||  $15


Maroon Bells & Longs Peak Tumbler

The North Drinkware Colorado COllection might be one reason for us to jump off the wagon and sip on our favorite single malt. The glass ware is a testament to the beautiful mountains in our state. The collections feature USGS data of The Maroon Bells and Long Peak molded into the base of the hand blown glass. Make sure to sign up for updates from North Drinkware because stock is often limited and the price point is not to shabby. || $49.99


TWAX Infused Pre-Rolls

TWAX by The Clear™ is an infused pre-rolled joint and a fabulous stocking stuffer. We grind full flower to the perfect consistency then our proprietary infusion process pumps up the potency. Each pre-roll contains dye-free, unbleached papers, 1 gram of infused premium flower with 30-40% THC distillate, and all-natural flavors in Blueberry, Grapevine, Banana Cream,
and OG. || $17-$19


7-Eleven x Crocs Classic Sandal

Nothing says you care about someone more than a pair of 7-Eleven crocs and a bag of Ranch Corn Nuts. Be the talk of the town this year with the limited edition gas station Crocs eloquently defined as “Night vibes shining all day”—whatever that means. Featuring a collection of crave-worthy custom 7-Eleven Jibbitz™ charms, you’ll always feel supported whether you’re grabbing a cold one or satiating a snack attack. Bums and crakchead bathrooms come seperately.  ||  $49.99


Merlin’s Magic Truffles

“Believe In The Magic Of Merlin This Season!"

Organic Chocolate Products: Peanut Butter cups, Hot Cocoa & Cacao Bars! Medicinal Mushroom Supplements, Nut Butters & More!

Phone: 303-249-5140

22% Off First Time Orders! || Prices vary