Rooster Magazine & Your Mom's House Presents: Pride Month Benefit Concert

Rooster Magazine & Your Mom's House Presents: Pride Month Benefit Concert

Your Mom's House has partnered with One Colorado to raise awareness and funds for our states leading LGBTQ+ advocacy organization.

CultureJune 23, 2022

Denver’s pride events are far and wide during Pride Month. From the Colfax Pride Parade to Meow Wolf’s Pride Kickoff, there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in the Mile High City. As fun as these events are, the best Pride events are ones that give back to the LGBTQ+ community. Thankfully, Capitol Hill’s Your Mom’s House (YMH), has partnered with One Colorado to raise awareness and funds for our state’s leading LGBTQ+ advocacy organization on June 26th. With 100% of ticket proceeds being donated to One Colorado, an LGBTQ+ lineup of local musicians, silent raffles and actions, this event is designed to be a fun, proactive celebration of Colorado’s LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, you can donate to One Colorado all month at the YMH website

Curious about One Colorado’s mission and impact? Mikayla Rogers, the Development and Communications Manager for One Colorado, sat down to discuss the organization’s humble beginnings, the most pressing issue LGBTQ+ Coloradans face currently, and how Denver’s residents can help create a more inclusive, equitable community. 

Also, make sure to donate to One Colorado and buy tickets to YMH’s Pride Benefit Concert on June 26th!

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Can you tell me the origin story of One Colorado, and how the organization has grown and evolved over the years?

One Colorado was founded in 2010 and quickly became known as the state’s leading LGBTQ+ advocacy organization. From the beginning, we have centered [around] community voices when determining our focus areas. Utilizing statewide surveys, over 4,600 LGBTQ+ Coloradans shared their experiences, needs, and community priorities across the state. From the initial survey results, One Colorado prioritized efforts in safe schools for LGBTQ+ youth, health equity, and relationship recognition in its work to advance equality. In recent years, One Colorado has lobbied for historic legislation such as the ban on conversion therapy, expanded access to HIV prevention medicationJude’s Law, Marlo’s Law, and culturally relevant healthcare training. Today, One Colorado has staff in Denver, Grand Junction, and Pueblo who work to close the gap between legal and lived equality for LGBTQ+ Coloradans and their families. We take an anti-racist and anti-oppressive approach to addressing the needs of the community through initiatives that focus on the
social determinants of health, transgender equality, positive youth development, and more.


What is the most pressing issue LGBTQ+ Coloradans face currently?

The most pressing issue LGBTQ+ Coloradans face is that, as a movement, we have not centered our community’s most vulnerable members in the work that we are doing. LGBTQ+ folks are representative of every community out there — including people who are unhoused, people with disabilities, and people who are incarcerated, just to name a few. We must intentionally address issues facing our collective communities in order to achieve true equality.


What are some ways citizens can help create a safer environment for the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado?

Get curious. Take the time to educate yourself. Learn about pronouns. Learn about your elected officials at every level of government and how they vote on LGBTQ+ issues. Understand how our intersectional identities impact the ways that LGBTQ+ people are treated and able to move about in the world. Get involved. Volunteer with One Colorado or a local LGBTQ+ organization. Attend educational events, webinars, listening sessions, and trainings. Advocate. Share what you’re learning with your family, your friends, and your broader network. Call and email your local, state, and federal elected officials. Donate to One Colorado to support these efforts.


What are some positive changes you’ve seen in public opinion and legislation in Colorado during the past 5 years?

In Colorado, we are grateful to be recognized as one of the top states in the nation in terms of LGBTQ+ rights and protections according to the Movement Advancement Project. The hard work from Colorado activists and organizations like One Colorado over the years have increased public awareness, shifted policy, and fortified legal protections. We have a pro-equality majority in the Colorado General Assembly, an openly-gay governor, and LGBTQ+ representation in postions of power across the state. Still, with as much progress as we’ve seen in recent years, there has been a strong backlash of hateful, anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, laws and policies sweeping our nation. Colorado is not exempt, and we cannot stop our work to protect and expand LGBTQ+ rights.


Can you talk briefly about the LGBTQ+ influence in modern music?

Queer people have always existed in every genre of music. Over the years, artists have found an accepting space for gender and sexual fluidity, which has empowered fans to explore their own identities. More recently, we’ve seen a rise in the number of openly-LGBTQ+ musicians who are embraced after coming out and celebrated for their contributions to society. Music can be a very powerful outlet for uniting communities, sharing ideas, and giving queer folks an outlet to express themselves.