Sex Positive Dating

According to a recent survey of over 14,000 Bumble users, ethical sexploration (aka safe sluttiness) is on the rise, with nearly 15% being open to non-monogamy, one in five saying they had experimented with their sexuality, and nearly half seeking to explore intimacy more openly. Three quarters of male identifying respondents were reflecting inwards to detoxify their masculinity, with over half seeking to challenge gender stereotypes about men being “weak” for expressing emotions (with times this tough, everyone should be allowed to cry whenever the hell they want!). Dry dating, or abstaining from alcohol especially on first dates/first hookups, also remains popular since nothing says “romantic first kiss” like your date showing up shitfaced after chugging a bottle of wine to calm their nerves and puking in your Monstera planter.


Post-Covid Slut Recovery   

Have we finally recovered from the goblin-mode traumas of 2020? This year promises a second chance at love and sex where for better or worse, many who endured breakups during COVID are getting back with their exes. We Coloradans do enjoy some winter coating, the rekindling of old flames to stay warm on these blustery nights. Others are seeking greener pastures by pursuing wanderlove and dating partners who live out-of-state, with many traveling to exotic places for some much needed D (the vitamin, of course, who doesn’t need a hot hookup on Maui?). Has being tall, dark and handsome left you feeling broke, sad and alone? Well maybe it’s time to try something new! Half of daters are now practicing open-casting by choosing partners who were previously not their usual type.


Health and Sustainability are Hot

With the sexual supplement market (valued at $80 billion annually) taking the world by storm, there is now a sex enhancement formula out there for everyone. Maca, red ginseng and adaptogenic mushrooms for sexual arousal are blowing up, and the supplement needs of typically underrepresented groups are finally garnering attention. In 2023, Femtech (platforms tracking arousal, ovulation cycles, and exploring motherhood, as well as private, anonymous online medical care and advice for marginalized populations) will gain momentum, with the promise of increased safe access to discreet online sexual health testing with near instant results for everyone. Anyone who has experienced the humiliation of raiding the TV remote batteries when they’re about to cum understands why sustainable sex-toys are all the rage this year, featuring eco-friendly materials and crucially, rechargeability. You’ve seen the Instagram videos of that chick wearing a Bluetooth vibrator all over Paris, right? Can’t wait to try it on the light rail!


Inflation Sucks (and Doesn’t Swallow)

Dating can be expensive AF and the Colorado cost of living crisis shows no signs of slowing down. Infladating, aka going on cheaper dates, staying in, or choosing matches who are willing to pay for lavish meals we couldn’t otherwise afford has already become a part of many lives. The practice of discussing your financial situations ahead of time, called cash-candid dating, is recommended for any new hookups so you don’t get stuck with that huge bill at the end of your first date. Expect online sex work and digital daddies to continue their rising popularity, while others will opt to stay in and save their cash by jerking off with their VR headsets on. Just wait until the AI sex robots start rolling into production…


Vanilla vs Chocolate: The Great Debate

Vanilla sex continues its comeback this year, with analysts hilariously correlating increased online searches for missionary position with the release of Bridgerton in mid-2022. Victorian sensibilities aside, trends like outercourse (when I was in high school we called this “dry humping” but gold star, social linguists) may highlight our increasing needs for intimacy over purely physical connections, as we are still collectively getting laid way less than our parent’s generations did. And even though the nuance and complexity of vanilla may reign supreme for some, chocolate will always remain a scintillating fan favorite. Nearly three quarters of the 7000+ respondents in a recent sex survey are seeking to explore kink this year, such as dom/sub relationships, voyeurism, cuckolding, consensual exhibitionism, and/or foot play. While eating ass will probably never go out of style, expect increased experimentation with anal edging (stimulating the perineum and surrounding areas) to offer a swirl of compromise between the vanilla and chocolate camps. My advice for 2023? Taste the rainbow.