Illustrative Anime Tattoos By Morgan Martinez

Illustrative Anime Tattoos By Morgan Martinez

"It’s definitely the hardest style to get down in my opinion."

ArtJanuary 03, 2023

Clean line work and saturated colors are two things that stand out when you see Morgan Martinez’s tattoos. His portfolio is filled with vibrantly colored Anime and Black and Gray Realism work, not to mention some sick lettering skills. Martinez says that while Anime has always been a focal point for him since he was a kid, it’s by far one of the hardest styles to get down in his tattoo career. Staying true to the art style, but also adding his own creative touch is where his talent truly stands out and makes each piece come to life. 

Shop: Harbour Lights Social Club (Aurora) 

Years Tattooing: I’ve been tattooing professionally for 15 years now. 

Style/Specialty: Illustrative Anime with some Black and Gray Realism.  

Instagram: @m_martineztattoos

How did you get into tattooing?

I saw my mom and uncle mess around with tattooing from a young age and that has always intrigued me. My mom was actually the one that encouraged me to really push forward with it!


What is your favorite subject matter to tattoo?

I love tattooing big titty anime girls and girl heads.

You are known for anime style tattoos. What is it about that style of art that drew you to it? 

Anime has always been a big focal point since I was young and is what got me into art in the first place. I feel like out of all the different styles, anime has been the most challenging. From clean line work to wall to wall color saturation, It’s definitely the hardest style to get down in my opinion. Staying true to the anime, while including your own creative touch and having a good balance of tattoo fundamentals.


Do you prefer doing color or black & gray tattoos more and why?

I actually love doing both, I started off by mainly doing black and gray, so that will always be my bread and butter. Just seeing the final product with a color tattoo is so satisfying though.

What is the strangest tattoo request you’ve ever gotten?

A toilet seat with airplane wings!


Do you have any tattoos you regret (giving or getting)?

Back when I first started, anime tattoos weren’t even a thought. If I had a chance to start over that’s all I would be covered in. 

What do you enjoy the most about tattooing?

I enjoy that a piece of me is with that person forever, my time and energy.


What else do you spend your time doing when you’re not tattooing?

I’m a father so I’m mostly with my kids but when I have some free time I'm either at the bowling alley, playing Apex Legends or playing Yugioh!