Shorty is Known For Her Daggers and Colorful Neo Traditional Style of Tattooing

Shorty is Known For Her Daggers and Colorful Neo Traditional Style of Tattooing

"Black and gray doesn’t quite catch my eye the way color does."

ArtJanuary 31, 2023

Even as a little girl, Shorty knew she wanted to be a tattoo artist. After being inspired by watching artists on tv, she started her apprenticeship and has been going strong in the tattoo game for almost four years now. Her use of eye-catching colors, diverse imagery, and a feminine touch all have become recognizable as part of her style, and she continues to grow as an artist while finding motivation in the music and bands she loves the most.

Name: Shorty 

Shop: Lumenati Tattoo

Years Tattooing: 3 1/2

Style/Specialty: Neo Traditional 

Instagram: @shortyADTRtattoos


How did you get into tattooing?

Truthfully I have wanted to be a tattoo artist since I was 11 years old. As cliche as it sounds, I watched Ink Master and fell in love! Jesse Smith was the artist that inspired me the most and caught my attention with tattooing on his season. When I turned 19 I started my apprenticeship and I’ve been tattooing ever since!

What was your art background before you started tattooing?

I had the basic art classes in high school, but I drew and painted 24/7 throughout that period of my life. I have some background in art history as well. I had the opportunity to study art throughout the ages and got so inspired by that class that I try to implement it into my art now. 


How would you describe your style of tattooing?

I do Neo Traditional, mainly color, because black and gray doesn’t quite catch my eye the way color does. 

Do you have any favorite subject(s) to tattoo?

I LOVE anything involving nature, the classic eye imagery, and of course what everyone loves most from me is my daggers! 


What other artists do you look to for inspiration?

Tattoo artists that I look to for inspiration are Milo Alfring, Mike Stocking, David Mention, Tyler Nolan, Benoz, Josh Payne, and of course Jesse Smith! 


What has been the strangest tattoo request you’ve had?

So when I first became a tattoo artist this lady came in on some type of drug and she sat down and asked for a snail trail going down her leg. I was super confused on why she wanted a snail trail, but she did explain what it was to me after I asked why. Long story short a snail trail is the liquids that come out of a women after sex that run down her leg.

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not tattooing?

Honestly I love painting, drawing, and going to concerts. I find so much inspiration from concerts and bands that I love that I actually use in a lot of my flash. 


So, we gotta ask, what is your obsession with A Day To Remember all about?

Ok this is the best question you could ask. My obsession with ADTR started at a young age. I was 11 years old and I fell in LOVE with their music, humor, their mannerisms, everything. I’ve been through a lot in my younger life and their music was a safe space for me. When I turned 17 I had no reason to live honestly, but that was the first time that I saw them live and the second Jeremy Mckinnon said one word as soon as they went on stage I broke down to my knees balling my eyes out. In that one specific moment in my life that was the first time I ever felt alive, the first time I realized that life is worth living, and that dreams do come true. Without them there’s no me, and I full heartedly believe that. They inspire me everyday and motivate me to be the best artist that I can be.