Look up! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Chinese spy balloon? What a time to be alive! Every day there’s a new video of something strange in the sky whether it's filmed on a civilian's phone or from a Navy pilot's cockpit. With all the compelling evidence we may not be alone in the universe you would think society would pay WAY more attention. So why don’t we? Is it because of the stigma of being affiliated with tinfoil hats and flat earthers or is it because we’re simply too distracted these days to give a damn. The U.S. government has officially changed the term “UFO” (Unidentified Flying Object) to Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon or “UAP”—not to be confused with WAP which is another type of intergalactic voyage. Yet, most pleebs won't even notice.

But in the UFO community, the name change caused quite a stir as it gave an air of legitimacy to the topic with many claiming this is a sign the government is finally acknowledging the existence of alien life. Either the conspiracy theorists have won now that aliens are in the mainstream media or someone at the Pentagon has been taking too many bong rips of DMT. Which poses the question: what in the Big Brad world is really going on up there and what else could they be hiding? If these stories were coming out twenty years ago, it would be all ANYONE talked about. But in the era of information overload, we’re still hung up on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock—keep aliens out your motherfuckin’ mouth! 

On April 28th, 2001 the UFO task force and Tom DeLonge from Blink 182 (Yes, you read that correctly) released a report that included several videos taken by Navy pilots showing unidentified objects performing maneuvers at speeds that break the laws of physics. Despite this groundbreaking news, nobody really seemed to care. Remember the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico? Me neither, but I definitely heard about it! In fact, the entire town of Roswell has been an Alien tourist attraction ever since! And when American physicist and former Area 51 employee, Bob Lazar, stated extraterrestrials crashed their craft on earth at one point in history and the U.S Government has been using their technology to our advantage ever since, no one batted an eye.

Do Aliens need an Instagram account with a blue checkmark to be taken seriously? Aliens are like, "We come in peace," and we're like, "Meh, whatever. We're too busy eating tide pods.” No one cares! But we should! With the recent media coverage, one thing is certain, the U.S Government knows something the general public does not and that's absolutely, mind-fucking, fascinating. In 1987, Ronald Reagan once said during a speech addressing the United Nations “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us?” Taking everything into account, it’s time to stop scrolling your life away on TikTok because when the alien mothership finally arrives, you’re going to miss it because you’re too distracted learning how to make delicious appetizers in your air fryer! Nevertheless, if they come in peace or not, you can rest assured that Tom DeLonge from Blink 182 has the situation all under control.


Brad’s Top 5 Alien movies

1. Signs
Directed by M. Night Shyamalan 
Ahhh yes, back when it was okay to love Mel Gibson! The aliens seem real, mainly because you barely see them just like in real life.

2. The Predator
Directed by Shane Black 
We all know Arnold Schwartzenegger loves to flex his muscles and drop catchphrases, this film is nothing short of that. The birth of “Get back to the Choppa!” is unmatched. 

3. War of the Worlds
Directed by Steven Spielberg Believe it or not, this film is not a Scientology documentary. It is a classic Tom Cruise performance and hands down one of the very best remakes ever done.

4. E.T.
Directed by Steven Spielberg 
The only heartwarming alien movie on the market, even to this day. Who doesn’t want to see an alien drink beer, cross dress, and hang out with children? I know I do!

5. Mars attacks
Directed by Tim Burton
This movie is absolutely ridiculous in every way yet one of the best alien comedy films ever made with an ALL-STAR cast. What could go wrong when aliens arrive with Jack Nicholson as our Commander-in-chief? Everything.