With so much competition in the gambling industry, it is little wonder companies turn to advertising and marketing in a bid to attract customers.

Of course, punters are certainly wise to these tactics, but it does not stop some of the biggest betting brands from trying to make a splash with their marketing and ad campaigns.

These bookmakers are featured often on no deposit sites – so let's have a look at the ones we've picked out as the best of the bunch when it comes to memorable adverts.

Obviously we have to start with Paddy Power – surely the kings of near-the-knuckle advertising.

There were a lot of options to choose from here, but an advert that featured a security guard gambling while at work is among those to have got the Irish company into trouble.

The Advertising Standards Agency accused Paddy Power of being "socially irresponsible" over the ad, which showed the security guard playing casino games on his smartphone.

However, Paddy Power fans would no doubt argue that it is clear in the advert that he is gambling while on his break from work, which should not be a problem to his employers. And Paddy Power know exactly what they are doing with advertising campaigns that work in much the same way as a marketing stunt – it gets people talking about the brand.

You know what they say – all publicity is good publicity. While this may not be the case, it is beyond doubt that Paddy Power's adverts have helped the firm to dominate the market.

While Paddy Power deliberately court controversy to increase awareness of the brand, our next entry is a lot more wholesome. After all, who doesn't love dogs?

Ladbrokes had the brilliant idea of using the birth of a royal baby to run what the betting company claimed was the world's first corgi race. Corgis, of course, are famous for being the preferred dog breed of the Queen, who is said to have kept dozens of the animals.

The advert explains that the race has been dubbed the Ladbrokes Barkingham Palace Gold Cup – a play on words for Buckingham Palace – with a big shiny trophy up for grabs.

So which dog came out on top when the race got under way? You'll just have to watch the advert from Ladbrokes to find out, won't you!

The last of our three selections for bookmaker and casino adverts that you have to see comes from Betfair, which is predominantly known for its betting exchange.

Over half a million people have viewed this clip on YouTube, with the advert starting in innocuous fashion by showing a man playing table tennis.

But as the advert continues, it becomes clear quickly that all is not quite as it seems. The man playing the ping pong game is not up against another human at all – he is trying to take on an octopus. Good luck with that!

As the clip continues it becomes clear that the octopus is actually playing a number of different matches at the same time.

Fear not though, as no soft-bodied, eight-armed molluscs were hurt in the making of the advert. The spot was quite obviously created with the help of a lot of computer generated graphics.

With so many different UK casino and bookmaker adverts to choose from, there was no way we could cover all of the best ones. Which is your favourite – and why?