‘Bullshit the Bullshitters’ — Political Debate Drinking Game

‘Bullshit the Bullshitters’ — Political Debate Drinking Game

PoliticsOctober 07, 2016

As November 8 approaches, America faces the most agonizing display of classless absurdity: The Presidential Debates. If we would have known who the final two nominees would eventually be, our underground apocalypse-proof shelter would already have been stocked with cases of dehydrated chocolate ice-cream sandwiches long ago.

Instead, a narcissist billionaire celebrity with a penchant for biting insults and racist innuendo will battle the squawking former First Lady who doesn’t look like she’ll even live long enough to serve.

To cope, Rooster is offering the “Bullshit the Bullshitters Presidential Debate Drinking Game.” We deserve a good buzz before the country collapses into its own self-made sinkhole ...

Pick Your Candidate and Your Drink


- Goes over the allotted time: Drink 1
- Says “middle class”: Pass Out 2 Drinks
- Says “need to be held accountable”: Drink 2
- Interrupts the moderator: Drink 1
- Says “Putin”: Pass Out 1 Drink
- Invokes 9/11: Drink 2