10 fights you should be having with your significant other right now

10 fights you should be having with your significant other right now

SexNovember 13, 2013

Fighting isn't just for busted high school prom kings who didn't go to college; it's for you and your significant other too! And sometimes, fighting can be good for your relationship. It's called 'communicating,' and even though you may be screaming at each other, at least you're putting it all out there on the table. That being said, there's some things you shouldn't fight about, and some things you should really go at it for. Here are 10 totally valid, fight-worthy scenarios that if you can get past, will strengthen your relationship more than you can imagine with that little brain of yours. Courtesy of Alan and Claire, aka the world's strongest couple.

1. Anything to do with Prince. Stand up for what you believe in when Prince is involved, okay?

2. Who gets to sing when, where, and why.

3. The amount of trees there should be.

4. When one of you gets super jelly, you need to fight it out.

5. When one of you makes broad, sweeping statements that don't even make sense.

6. When your hair metamorphosis isn't the first thing on your partner's List of Things to Notice Today.

7. When the clock strikes midnight, the antics begin. And you just can't get any sleep ever.

8. When the laughing has gone on long enough and your abs hurt and you just want to stop but you can't, ha ha!

9. When one of you gives someone else the eye.

10. Lastly and most importantly, when you endanger your hand-job hand like some sort of idiot.