10 Times Scarlett Johansson farted in public

10 Times Scarlett Johansson farted in public

VicesDecember 11, 2015 By Isabelle Kohn

Scarlett Johansson is a nice lady who is pictured in many U.S. movies, but when she gets to tootin', it's a pretty wild ride! You've gotta be on your A-game when she's gaseous, otherwise, watch out buddy, because your ass is grass! I know from personal experience and many long nights that Scarlett's farts are a powerful force, and I wanted to share some of those times with you now.

All aboard!

Sometimes in the morning, Scarlett releases vapors that are mild, but still capable of small-scale demolition. 

One time, I got too close and her butt wind got me good:

Another time, Scarlett ate a bad batch of eggs. Thankfully someone got to this one before it started an out-of-control burn:

I really had to get out of there when she farted on top of a skyscraper:

The smoldering remains of a family-oriented neighborhood in the wake of one of Scarlett's toots:

Ha ha, Scarlett, I thought I told you no more bean and chorizo breakfast wraps?

Okay, so this one was when Scarlett was angry but also kinda horny:

Whoa there, little lady! Those some mighty strong winds!

Proof that Scarlett is lactose-intolerant:

In its final form, Scarlett Johansson's flatulence takes on a much more peaceful persona, which uses its Earth mother energy for creation. See below: