14 people who take Halloween just a little too seriously

14 people who take Halloween just a little too seriously

VicesOctober 22, 2018

We love Halloween as much as the next mag, but sometimes, people's undying love for Halloween gets just a little too...undying. Here are 14 people who love Halloween more than anything you've ever loved in your life.

1. Heidi Klum. She really loves Halloween, you guys.

photo - Heidi Klum - Halloween costume - human muscle anatomy

2. Luke Skywalker one one of those space llama things. Seriously though, what the fuck is in there? We could spend our lives just wondering...

photo - star wards costume - luke skywalker

3. We don't know what this is...but we do know where all our Post Its went, so there's that

photo - post it man - Halloween costume

4. Heidi Klum? You again? Dressed as a concept instead of a thing? There's no helping you...

photo - Heidi Klum - snake heart costume

5. Mini-Heidi Klum/ ruiner of this guy's day...

photo - mermaid monster Halloween costume

...or this?


6. ...Lady Gaga? Gutter Cleaner? Short Guy Who Hates Being Short But Today He Is Tall So Everyone Deal With It?

photo - half man half machine costume

7. This beautiful little miracle of life/ poster-child for contraception

photo - contraception costume - giving birth costume

8. This old-timey family from the 1920's who weren't not entirely sure isn't a family of flesh eating elephant-men

photo - old school halloween costume

9. This guy who's a little too proud of his banana tip that looks like a pen15

photo - banana penis halloween costume

10. This menstrual vampire who's also probably ten

photo - menstrual vampire costume

11. Goddamn it! Heidi Klum's back, and she inexplicably loves Halloween more than ever. Does everyone here understand how much she loves Halloween? She needs a 12-step program stat. Also...that silver thing is Seal.

photo - Halloween - Heidi Klum

12. You know you've taken Halloween too far when you're gone beyond wearing a costume to just diving headfirst into a bucket of paint because you just can't contain your joy

photo - Halloween Costume - blue man

13. Not even Heidi Klum can reach the Halloween love-level of this stay-at-home Dad who maaaybe had a little too much time on his hands

gif- transformer dad costume with baby

14. Not a costume, but a Halloween driveway decoration set up by one guy who's just REALLY in the holiday spirit right now

photo - hit and run Halloween prank

14. Okay, that's IT. Heidi Klum, you're banned from Halloween forever

photo - Heidi Klum - Halloween