20 ... oops we mean 19, Questions with hip-hop hybrid group ¡MursDay!

20 ... oops we mean 19, Questions with hip-hop hybrid group ¡MursDay!

MusicDecember 11, 2014

The idea of a supergroup isn’t often thrown around in genres aside from rock. While hip-hop emcees will feature other artists on their tracks all the time, even branding said groups with coordinating monikers, the melding of multiple influences into one palatable force isn’t commonplace and rarely ever referred to with the aforementioned title. Why is that hip-hop? Why you no down with the supergroup?

But a fierce new crew of strong rhyme-slaying artists is making its way into the fold challenging the rock-club-only distinction. The collective is known as ¡MursDay! and is a collaborative effort from ¡Mayday! and the always evolving hip-hop legend Murs. While it’s not ripe with aging classic rock legends picking up where they left off trying to squeeze a buck out of name recognition (as a supergroup often is), ¡MursDay! is a growing act that uses each members’ lyrical strengths to produce a hefty musical commodity.

The group will be in town on Friday, Dec. 12 at The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, Saturday, Dec. 13 at The Marquis Theatre in Denver and ending its three-day stint at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins.

1. How are you all doing?

Wrek: Good.
Murs: Just left Wal-Mart; things are looking up.
Bernz: Great.

2. Who eats the healthiest out on tour?

Bernz: MURS by default because he doesn’t eat dairy.

3. What will be the next state to legalize weed?

Murs: Puerto Rico.

4. What are some artists you are listening to lately?

Wrekonize:  Pink Floyd, SOHN.
Bernz: O.T. Genasis.
Murs: Murs.

5. In “Tabletops” you say, “Know the game wanted this in the worst way.” Is ¡MursDay! just what the rap game needed?

Murs: I stand by that statement, definitely what the game needed.

6. Do you guys have any celebrity crushes?

Murs: Ashley Bank “Phoebe” from Monster Squad.
Bernz:  Wrekonize.

7. How do you guys represent Strange Music?

Everyone: By banging on these tabletops.

8. What are the advantages of being in a rap group with four other artists?

Murs: Always energy to build off from on stage.

9. Is there any song that sticks out to you guys as your favorite you’ve made?

Murs:  The whole “Melrose” album.
Bernz: “Shortcuts and Dead Ends.”
Wrekonize: “Due In June.”

10. Any plans while you guys are in Colorado?

Murs:  Visit family.
Wrekonize: Eat good food and smoke good weed.
Bernz: Smoke some of Wrekonize’s weed.

11. What is a hobby you guys have that people may not know?

Wrek: Selling music.
Murs: Comic Books.
Bernz: Cooking.

12. Do you remember your best live performance ever?

Bernz: No.
Murs: Bonnaroo 2009.
Wrek: Haven’t done it yet.

13. What is unique about ¡MursDay! compared to other current hip-hop groups?

Wrek: We have fun and don’t care to show it.

14. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen someone say about you on the Internet?

Wrek: That I owed them money.
Murs: That I’m part of the Illuminati and I beat my girlfriend.

15. What is the group’s favorite way to consume cannabis?

Bernz: Dabs.

16. Who are your favorite rap groups of all time beside yourselves?

Everyone: Digable Planets and Migos.

17. Give us a couple bars rhyming “lift” and “swift”:

When I’m in London I use the lift
Because it gets me to the top oh so quick.

18. What was your main inspiration for the “¡MursDay!” album?

Everyone: Good vibes.

19. What does the future hold for ¡MursDay!?

Everyone: We are dropping a new EP called “Ready 2 Run” for free with Boost Mobile and Samsung that will be available for free at Boostmobile.com.