20 Questions: One of country music's quickest rising stars, Jon Pardi, has a last name we've always longed for

20 Questions: One of country music's quickest rising stars, Jon Pardi, has a last name we've always longed for

MusicDecember 09, 2014

Photo: Russ Harrington

We’re equal opportunity show-pushers around these parts and always love to have our lanky little Rooster claws in every facet of the music scene. So we’re reaching out to something different this time around for our “20 Questions” feature. We’re going rural on everyone’s ass, and we think we’ve chosen a humdinger to of an artist to feature. He loves getting rowdy and drinking the memory juice – exactly our type of artist.

Jon Pardi is currently on his “Up All Night Tour” lighting up awaiting faces along the way. His current single “When I’ve Been Drinkin’” is an ode to the silly shenanigans we all find ourselves in with a little too saturated of a brain. It speaks volumes to our lives, with such amorous prose as:

“I might have said a little too much / But I don’t think before I talk when I got a good buzz”

Experience this rising star at The Grizzly Rose this Friday, Dec 12, before he swings back through in the summer at Red Rocks Amphitheatre with the one and only Alan Jackson. Show deets are after the following words.

1. You’re our first country artist ever featured on “20 Questions” – how does this make you feel?

Like a champion.

2. Most people don’t know that country is one of, if not the, largest genres in America. Do you think it’s getting bigger, staying the same or shrinking?

I think country music is growing. Artists are bringing more and more musical influences into the genre that draws a bigger audience. For me, I’m trying to keep it old school and pay tribute to where it all came from. I hope people don’t forget about that.

3. Is there a name for a “hipster cowboy” or are all cowboys pretty much the same?

There’s an old term called “Thrift Store Cowboy” that would be a “Hipster Cowboy.”

4. It’s often said about you that Jon Pardi is bringing country back to its roots. Do you think this is at all true?

I try. It’s hard these days, but I’m proud to be out there bringing the roots of where we came from back and seeing the fans really love the sound.

5. Holy $#!^, You’re going on tour with Alan Jackson, how crazy is that?

It is super crazy. I’m very honored and proud to be on a tour called “Keepin’ It Country” with Alan Jackson. He’s one of my heroes.

6. 2015 looks like it’s just going to be touring nonstop for you – how do you stay sane on the road?

I’ve been touring non-stop for the past few years, so I’ve found that writing songs as much as I can helps me stay sane while out. I try to take time off when I can to go hunting with my Dad in Texas and team roping. Also drinking a lot adult beverages helps.

7. For people who haven’t heard your music yet, in your own words describe what a Jon Pardi song sounds like:

Rowdy in-your-face country that goes great with cold beer.

8. What does it take for us to become “Pardi’ers”?

A ticket bought to the show.

9. Your single “When I’ve Been Drinkin’” is an ode to the messes we all become after a few too many. So what is it, what’s your favorite drink?

I’m a fan of good old-fashioned beer, but a good single barrel bourbon on the rocks is pretty nice.

10. Because we don’t think Oregon is a real state, by default it makes Colorado the #1 beer friendly area in the nation. We’re assuming you’ll be trying some of our delectable brew?

Yes, Coors Original.

11. Will you drink a beer with us?

Does a bear shit in the woods?

12. Favorite drinking game? Ours is either classic Beer Pong or "Explaining To The Neighbors What Happened To Their Lawn Gnomes" - though we don't recommend the second one.

Beer Pong. but I don’t really need drinking games.

13. What are some of the terrible things you’ve said while you’ve been drinkin’?

When I’ve been drinking, I’m happy! Thankfully, I don’t say terrible things.

14. Do you have any nicknames that people keep using that you don’t particularly like?

Not really.

15. Have you ever had to “unfriend” somebody because of the photos you were tagged you in?

I can’t keep up with untagging photos. So my trick is to keep my eyes open when the cameras are flashing.

16. Your new album is called Write You A Song – who have you written songs about in the past?

Ex-girlfriends, ex-flings, life in general, beer drinking.

17. If you were going to write The Rooster Magazine a song what would it be called?

A spin-off on Rudolph The Red-Nosed Rooster. Merry Christmas everyone!

18. Write us a two-line lyrical stanza using the words “cheesed” and “yahoo”

I don’t write lines with the words cheesed and yahoo in them.

19. What would be your ideal lineup for your ultimate tour? (You can use artists deceased as well, this is all fictional dreaming)

I have so many favorites that we would have it make it into a week-long festival. A few of the headliners would be Ray Charles, George Strait, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Alan Jackson and Eric Church.

20. What does the future hold for Jon Pardi?

Hopefully headlining arenas, lots of music made, lots of albums sold and lots of fans. In the near future, I’m pumped to play The Grizzly Rose. Denver is one of my favorite towns.

Show Deets:

When: This Friday, Dec 12 (6:30 pm Doors // 8:30 pm Show)
Where: The Grizzly Rose (5450 N Valley Hwy, Denver, CO 80216)
How Much: $12 (Purchase tickets HERE)