20 Questions: The Motet

20 Questions: The Motet

MusicOctober 22, 2014

Photo credit: Brian Spady

Jans Ingber, vocalist for The Motet, is a busy man. He will be even busier next week, however, when he and his band embark on its near weeklong stint in what’s become annual Halloween tradition. See The Motet’s upcoming dates below for the “The Mixtape 1975” run, and look even belower than that to see what he had to say when asked 20 of our most thought provoking queries.

Tuesday Oct, 28 - Vilar Performing Arts Center / Beaver Creek, CO
Wednesday Oct, 29 - Aggie Theatre / Fort Collins, CO
Thursday Oct, 30 - Boulder Theater / Boulder, CO
Friday Oct, 31 - Boulder Theater / Boulder, CO
Saturday Nov, 1 - Ogden Theatre / Denver, CO

1. Why is the coming Colorado stretch of shows titled “The Mixtape 1975”?

We have been putting on special Halloween shows here on the front range for 12 years. At first we would do only the music of one band. We did everything from Prince, Tower of Power, Earth Wind and Fire to The Greatful Dead. Then last year we decided to change the format to choosing a particular year. And since we are a band that is steeped in funk music, 1975 was a no brainer.

2. Do you miss cassette tapes, or are you happy with the way digital has taken over?

I did love my cassettes and my walkman, but I don’t miss them at all. I miss vinyl, but I don’t miss cassettes. The design of the cassette was one that wore down easily, too many factors to take away the sound quality of the recording.

3. Do you guys plan on having some wild costumes for the shows?

Of course. ;-)

4. When performing in costumes, does a musician have to burn the outfit afterwards, or does a good launder get rid of the stink?

Many have been burned, many have made it out with a good “airing”

5. Do you think you’ll be doing Halloween shows for the foreseeable future?

I don’t see why not. It’s our time to celebrate the most awesome holiday of the year AND bring something special to the dedicated Motet fans of Colorado.

6. What about when you’re 80 – would you still like to be doing them then?

If I could tell you what I will be doing when Im 80, then I probably would be in another profession.

7. We saw you guys are teaming up with Illegal Pete’s to provide bus services to some of your shows. Can we just take a moment to mention how delicious the food is there?

Not only is the food delicious, but they know how Colorado likes to party. Having bus service is a great way to keep the party safe. And it’s a blast

8. Why is it important for you guys to support locally bred companies like Illegal Pete’s?

We believe that supporting local business is the key for any community to prosper. That’s how we lift each other up. Whether it be food, music, books, whatever.

9. List some of the bands that you think we should be listening to in the office:

The Barr Brothers, Jamie Lidell, Lake Street Dive… to name a few.

10. What are some of your favorite covers to perform on stage?

There are too many to name. I do love playing “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai, “Mighty Mighty” by Earth Wind and Fire and “Handcuffs” by Parliament.

11. List a few words that come to mind when you think about the Colorado music industry:

Family. This is such a great place to launch a band. Every piece of the music industry is here. It’s a very supportive environment and we are proud to call it home.

12. Do you have a favorite type of fan like the loudmouths, people who are content in the back or the chaotic drunks?

My favorite fan is the flashdancer…… the dancer who comes right to the front of the stage and dances with reckless abandon.

13. Where do you see the future of music going?

I see the creative boom, that came from technology being easily available, merge with a new paradigm where fans can compensate artists directly.

14. Do you think older genres like jazz, classical or doo-wop will ever be a hit with kids again, or will they always try and find their own identity?

Sentimentality will always have a place in music. It’s a personal thing. That’s why kids are interested in new musics, they haven’t attached memories with older music yet. Music will keep progressing, it cant help itself.

15. Write a two line lyrical stanza for us using the words “bread” and catering”:


(yeah sorry, we didn't think that one through, did we?)

16. Are there any strange band staples that any of you have to have on the road like security blankets or lozenges of any kind?

We have Kombucha on our rider…..and hand sanitizer.

17. Who’s the better driver in the bunch?

Me.  I sometimes drive a little fast for some of the other members, but that’s because I feel very confident in my abilities.

18. Do you personally think it’s going to be a mild winter, or are we in for a doozy?

Your guess is as good as mine.

19. What can fans expect out of your upcoming Colorado shows?

Another dance party to top all dance parties. We are here to celebrate life with anyone who wants to throw down.

20. What can we expect out of the future of The Motet?

We have our sights set on writing great songs. Memorable music that will stand the test of time.