20 Questions: Vance Joy

20 Questions: Vance Joy

MusicNovember 13, 2014

Try to imagine a man excelling in two separate career fields so far removed from music nobody would ever expect them to cross paths, such as, oh let’s say, Australian football and law school. We can’t imagine combining those two would ever equate to being a musician, but in Vance Joy’s case, it has. His parents must have been pissed!

But they needn’t worry, because while he didn’t follow the path to become the greatest footy player of all-time or an established fancy-pants lawyer, he has been dominating charts worldwide with his soft croon and lovable delivery.

His single “Riptide” is, oddly enough, already 2 years old but has received a second life in the U.S. by drenching radio stations. Before he heads this way and performs his sweet melodies for us at The Bluebird Theater Nov. 22, we sat down with Vance Joy and asked him 20 of our most thought-provoking questions.

1. How are you feeling? Are you well?

Yeah, I’m good, thanks.

2. “Riptide” has been such a huge song for you. First off, congratulations. Second, did you ever think it would become such a big hit?

No. I guess when you’re putting one foot in front of the other, your expectations change. So I have seen the song slowly make its way around the place.

3. In your bio, you explain some of your songwriting as a “construct of good sections” that were squeezed into actual songs. Is that how most of your songwriting is done, just writing small parts until you throw them together and create one song?

Sometimes I find the songs are made from different little bits that I never envisaged working together. The important connections seem to happen without me forcing things.

4. What are some of your favorite songs that you’ve written?

“Georgia,” “Riptide,” “My Kind of Man.”

5. Where were you when you first heard yourself on the radio?

At home in Melbourne.

6. When you’re not touring, what do you normally do on the weekends?

Make errands for myself like: Eat breakfast, coffee with friend … and treat them like I am ticking things off an important list.

7. What are some of your favorite foods in Australia that you can’t get here in the states?

Australian breakfasts at cafés are pretty unique, but I like the food here, so I don’t particularly want for anything.

8. Do you have any strange hobbies that may surprise us?

I whittle sticks.

9. As a musician, do you always dream about music, or does your brain give you a break once in a while?

I try to remember that my brain can be my own worst enemy.



10. Has it really hit you yet that you’re a globally loved artist?


11. What do your family and friends think of your successes?

It is probably a bit strange and surreal. They support me.

12. Write us a two-line lyrical stanza using “boating” and “snacks.”

Boating all day; casting my line/Snacks passed round when the weather is fine

13. We’ve read you were a football player in Melbourne a few years back. Do you ever miss playing the sport?

No. I only miss it in a fair-weather, romantic way.

14. Do you think American football players are sissies because they wear pads?

Nah, I have seen the force going into those hits — scary.

15. Did you ever receive any wild injuries because of it?

I have been lucky.

16. Which do you think is more painful: sitting on a tour bus for hours with nothing to do or getting your face driven into the dirt by a much larger man?

I don’t really get bored, or at least I have a few ways of combatting it. The roughness of the sport is part of the appeal. It’s a total adrenaline rush.

17. In five words or less, can you tell us how you’d like to change the world?

Education is important. Something to do with that.

18. What would you like to do while you’re here in Colorado?

Breathe some good, fresh air and see some nature.

19. What can we expect out of the future from Vance Joy?

I don’t know myself. I think more music. I’ll be following my nose to the next big thing.

20. Thank you. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our dear readers?

No, thank you for the chat.