2013 THC Classic: Edibles

2013 THC Classic: Edibles

VicesJune 08, 2013

The Classic is Colorado's only blind-judging competition featuring more than 80 of the best strains, concentrates and edibles in the state.  Twenty-five judges had three weeks to test entries in five categories: sativas, indicas, hybrids, concentrates and edibles.  Five judges scored each category, with the highest and lowest scores dropped for each entry.  With so much choice bud, there was truly little separating all of the submissions.  We encourage all of our readers to try as many of these strains, concentraes and edibles as possible and judge for themselves.

First Place:Brownie Cheesecake
The OMG! Brownie Cheesecake was dreamed up in 2010 by Sweet Mary Jane owner Karin Lazarus.  The wickedly divine bar, turbo charged with 100 mg of THC, combines two beloved treats: deep, dark chocolate brownies and creamy cheesecake sitting on top of a toasted graham-cracker crust.  Sweet Mary Jane can whip this one up for you in sativa, indica or hybrid. 

Sweet Mary Jane Edibles

Second Place: Chocolava
Choc-Lava contains a chocolate center and 200 mg of active THC in every slice.  It offers a strong, potent relief from extreme discomfort, nausea or insomnia. 

Growing Kitchen
303) 578 8454

Third Place: Peach Bar
This delicious peach-flavored bar accented with a hint of white chocolate will leave you feeling mellow and relaxed.  A potent and delicious treat, it will have even the pickiest of patients coming back for more.  This tasty treat boasts an ideasl, gradual onset allowing the patient to ease ito the long-lasting, indica-dominant hybrid effects.  Expect to feel relaxed yet still engaged after indulging in this gift to your taste budes; it is the perfect way to end your day. 

(303) 623 6060

Third Place: Wana Roll
Wana Rolls (Formerly Medibles and Honest Abes) are delicious, deep chocolate, chewy rolls that can be purchased specifically in hybrid, indica, or sativa packed with 100 mg of THC.  The same recipe is also available in 50 mg (Wana Logs) or 200 mg (Wana Big Dogs). 

Wana Brands

Edibles Runners-Up (In no particular order)

Peanut Butter Jelly Cup
This delicious combination of strawberry jam with a peanut butter crumble became an instant classic.  Fans around the state have loved these since they frist appeared in June 2012.

Sweet Grass Kitchen
303) 284 6476

Rock N'Rolls
This is old-fashion goodness with heady charm. The sea salt and caramel come together for a mouth-watering experience to delight the senses. 

Standing Akimbo
801 N. Jason St. 
Denver, CO
(303) 997 4526

Chocolate Taffy
The ideal ratio of cannabidiol to THC, Cheeba Chews offer maximum medicinal effects with minimal psychoactivity, an appealing treatment option for patients seeking anti-inflammatory, pain, anxiety and/or spasm effects without fatigue. 

Cheeba Chews

Stixx are medicated organic sugar straws with 75 mg total each (50 mg THC + 25 mg CBD). This dose provides amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and sleep aid properties from the high CBD dose for an extremely reasonable price. 

At Home Baked
(303) 881 0148

Dr. J's Vanilla Carmellows boast an incredibly delicious blend of hybrid medicine.  All natural and highly potent, Dr. J's promises the purest, safest, edibles on the market. 

Dr. J's
(303) 579 7197