22 kids who are letting the costume wear them

22 kids who are letting the costume wear them

CultureOctober 21, 2013

Some people wear the costume. Some people let the costume wear them. Here are 22 kids whose asses are just getting handed to them by their costumes.

1. This baby whose costume is conditioning him to develop a lifelong fear of cheese

2. This little Nacho Libre who isn't yet fat enough to impersonate Jack Black

3. ...Yeah, this might actually be Lil' Wayne

4. This overly passive, pixelated blob

5. This tiny, offensive Hitler who has successfully eliminated all the juice

7. This girl who should have thought this out better beforehand

8. This little Hell's Angel who doesn't even have his motorcycle license yet

9. This mini-man whose parents clearly found an economical alternative to getting a babysitter

10. This baby fried chicken that's making everyone a little too hungry

11. This little Kip from Napoleon Dynamite who probably can't smell what Lafawnduh's cookin'

12. This baby Mr. T who hasn't yet developed the cognitive capacity for "pitying" any "fools"

13. This infant/ desk that's just letting his mom write all over him

14. This kid who needs to get a job

15. This baby who just doesn't get the Alien reference

16. This kid whose futuristic costume tapped into his nervous system and gave him superpowers

17. Let's all take a moment and just wonder what this is

18. These BFFs who "partied on" with Babe-raham Lincoln just a little too hard

19. This Walter White wannabe who probably only reached like 77% purity

20. This kid who doesn't understand that if you're gonna dress like an indiscriminate older person (Eddie Murphy?), then sorry, you just can't have hair

21. This burrito-baby that's wrapped in foil and that's all we have to say about that

22. Aaand, then there's this kid