440 Pound virgin sends girlfriend to hospital in first-time sex romp

440 Pound virgin sends girlfriend to hospital in first-time sex romp

VicesDecember 20, 2013

The question of whether bigger is better took on a entirely new context when 440-pound sex machine Greg Casarona sent his girlfriend to the hospital during their first time having sex. Greg you animal. All we can remember about our first time is that there was laughing, crying, panting and then we blacked out only to wake up naked on the side of the road. 

Needless to say, the first time for everyone can be an intimidating and daunting task that shouldn't be taken lightly. For Greg, it was his first time and damn it he was going to show his girlfriend how large and charge he was. What Greg didn't know is that when you thrust a 440 pound body made of cold cuts and salami sausages like a wrecking ball it will inevitably wreck something. During sex, Greg's sheer weight and force sent his 110-pound girlfriend's head through the sheet-rock wall, sending her to the hospital. 

At first, Greg thought he had killed her. And he should. But, it turns out his girlfriend's head is strong like wood and she wasn't even knocked unconscious. Doctors diagnosed her with a concussion and she was released shortly after arriving at the hospital. 

If you like this story, you'll be pleased to learn that the great people at TLC are premiering an entire show called "Sex Sent Me to the ER" on December 28. Greg and his girlfriend just happen to be one of those stories.

On another note, you have to give it to the people at TLC, they sure know how to develop dysfunctional programming. Here are a few of the shows that should keep you busy and keep your faith that America is alive and well:

1. "I didn't know I was Pregnant"

2. "19 Kids and Counting:"

3. "Extreme Cougar Wives"

4. "Best Funeral Ever"

5. "The Man with the 132lb. Scrotum"

6. "My Strange Addiction"

7. "My teenager is Pregnant, and so am I"