5 Insane cereal shots that bring new meaning to breakfast of champions

5 Insane cereal shots that bring new meaning to breakfast of champions

VicesDecember 09, 2016

Slip into some footie pajamas, and flip on some cartoons, we’re about to introduce Captain Morgan to Cap’n Crunch to find out how GR-R-REAT! brunch can really be.

Cocoa Puffs
.5 oz spiced rum
.5 oz vanilla vodka
.5 oz Irish cream
.5 oz Frangelico
Go cuckoo, and gently layer the Irish cream and Frangelico on top of the spiced rum and vodka. Garnish the shot with cereal, and enjoy.

Cap’n Crunch
1 oz Tequila Rose
1 oz vanilla liqueur
.5 oz coffee liqueur
splash cream
splash grenadine
Pour Tequila Rose and grenadine in shot glass and stir. Layer on the coffee liqueur, then vanilla liqueur and top it off with layer of cream. Marvel at your creation, and shoot that baby down.

Froot Loops
1 oz lemon vodka
1 oz raspberry liqueur
.5 oz Triple Sec
.5 oz grenadine
splash of pineapple juice
Pour all of the ingredients over ice into a glass. Stir them together slowly like your eyes glazing over after hours of cartoons. Garnish it with loops, and enjoy.

Lucky Charms
1 oz honey whiskey
.5 oz marshmallow liqueur
.5 oz almond liqueur
Pour all of the ingredients together in shaker, and mix them together like you’re trying to shake charms out of a leprechaun’s breeches. Pour this one over ice, and garnish it with mallows.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
1 oz cinnamon whiskey
1 oz RumChata
Bring these two together in a shaker; then put it to use. Pour this drink over ice, and remember this is alcohol, not the sugary remains of your breakfast, so sip slowly.