7 Things we learned from the Lil Wayne show

7 Things we learned from the Lil Wayne show

MusicAugust 26, 2013

You haven't lived until you've seen the Cash Money front man live and at his finest. We were lucky enough to havet his life changing experience and here are the 7 things we learned from seeing Lil Wayne. 

1. R.I.P: For most individuals this acronym would mean to rest in peace. For Lil’ Wayne, it’s rest in pussy. He sure loves his women and he’s going to tell you over and over, he wouldn’t rather be anywhere else, not even resting in pussy.

2. Lil Wayne cares about your daughters: Lil Wayne admitted that they don’t let him invite girls on stage but instead have to choose them surreptitiously because he’d pick young 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds who would get up on stage and start taking off their clothes. To which he told mothers to learn how to raise your daughters. This was then followed by ten Denver girls coming on stage and dancing to “Pop that pussy.’ Nothing's better than a Lil Wayne public service announcement.

3. When you take your girlfriend to a Lil Wayne show, you’re going to see a different side of her take effect. No hips can lie at a Lil’ Wayne show.

4. Girls like to dance to Lil Wayne: That being said, watching the crowd monitors at a Lil Wayne show is like watching a live twerking competition. Like moths to a flame, girls would flock to the flashlight and camera for a chance to shake their assets. To be honest, it was amazing.  

5. He’s still trying to skateboard: Evidently his failed run at pro skateboarding didn’t effect his self-esteem because the rapper still attempts to shred although its obvious he should keep his day job. The skateboard ramps as stage props were cool but even the good skateboarders could only go up, stall on the rail and go back down. Sorry Lil Wayne, you might want to let your skateboarding career R.I.P—and we’re not talking about pussy.

6. He puts on a great show. We have to give it to him, the lights, the pyrotechnics, the dancers and the stage set-up were all top-notch and alone, worth the ticket.

7. 2 Chainz loves his name: While we liked him, he seemed to love himself just as much. He kept repeating his name… over and over again. We’ll let it slide considering all we can think about is “Bands to Make Her Dance.”