8 very strong arguments for contraception

8 very strong arguments for contraception

VicesOctober 03, 2013

You know what the #1 argument for contraception is? Kids. Here's 8 examples of kids that'll have you sprinting to Planned Parenthood.

1. Are you omnipresent? No? Then you can't have kids, sorry.

2. They're soooooo pissy


3. And so emo. Can someone please get this kid a Hot Topic gift certificate and a My Chemical Romance CD?


4. Good lord, are they messy. And guess whose job it is to clean it up?

5. This person used to be a kid, so if this doesn't explain why you shouldn't have kids in the first place, then we don't know if we can help you.

6. They're always getting sick


7. What the fuck is this


8. Let's play a game. It's called: Buy 1 Condom For Every Kid That Eats It In This Video