9 insane revelations about sex from OkCupid's data site

9 insane revelations about sex from OkCupid's data site

SexMarch 04, 2014

Do people who use Twitter get dumped more? Which smart phone brand users have the most sex? Which religion is most proud of their masturbation habits? These are the deep, soul-searching questions we ask ourselves, and the questions that OkTrends has the answers to.

All this data was gleaned from real user activity on OkCupid.

#1: Old men like rough sex

#2: Vegetarians will go down on you

#3: Twitter users have shorter relationships and masturbate more

#4: Christians are proud of their masturbatory habits

#5: Curvy women have higher self-confidence and sex drive throughout their lives

...and it doesn't matter what body type men have, they're all equally horny (except if they're very overweight).

#6: The more money daddy's dropping on college, the more you want to fuck

#7: Money and power make you want NSA sex, not relationships

#8: Women have a better chance of orgasming if they exercise

#9: iPhone users have more sex, probably because they're not 80