And you thought your crazy ex was the scariest shit in town.

And you thought your crazy ex was the scariest shit in town.

VicesOctober 17, 2012

We hope we can get those dicks from Ghost Hunters to confirm these hauntings, but if we do, we will have spent too much time with three middle-aged men who all live with their parents than is healthly.

Boulder Theater
The Boulder Theater is said to be home to the ghost of past theater manager George Paper. Old George was attempting to string up some lights when he fell and became wrapped in the wire, accidentally hanging himself. To this day, many guests and employees say they can still sometimes see and feel George creepin’ around in his 1940’s era suit.

Cockerell Hall
A strange figure has been seen roaming the third floor of Cockerell Hall, an Engineering dorm located on CU’s campus. Students have complained about seeing a long, brown haired figure standing outside their door. Students have even claimed to hear singing in the bathroom even though it was empty.

Fairview High School Auditorium
In 1982, a Fairview High band geek decided he had had enough and hung himself in a dressing room in the school theater. Since then, students have heard singing from that dressing room, lights falling out of the sky, and whole stage sets falling down even though they were nailed down. Nobody is safe in this town, not even the cute little high school kids.

Macky Auditorium
CU’s opera theater is not only home to the Boulder Philharmonic, but to some serious bloody history. In the early 1960’ s, a student was murdered by a loony janitor while practicing opera alone in a classroom. Her ghost has been seen roaming the halls, and some have heard the organ playing late at night, even when nobody is in there. Some witnesses said they heard screaming. Creepy shit.

College Inn
Located behind Boulder High School, College Inn has served as a dormitory for CU in the past. Although there have been no recorded deaths inside of the inn, many phenomena have occurred inside the building including inexplicable noises and shadowy figures. On a July 1999 evening, globe decorations placed inside every bathroom in the inn fell at the same time inexplicably. The damage took two days to pick up.