Art Talk: Glassblower LaceFace on hard work, dedication and maple donuts

Art Talk: Glassblower LaceFace on hard work, dedication and maple donuts

ArtApril 15, 2015

Lacey St. George is a badass glassblower who makes the most delicate, ornate smoking accessories the world has ever seen. Check out her work, and find out how she makes these insane glass pipes in this month's "Art Talk" feature.


Full name: Lacey St. George.
Nickname: LaceFace.
Business name: LaceFaceGlass.
Hair color: Red.
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate cake.
Hidden talent besides blowing glass: I got a set of pipes on me. ;-)
Best high munchie: Maple donuts.
Favorite glass color combo: Amber, purple and black.
Blunt or bong: Swiss perc.
Sushi or burrito: Sushi.
Night or day: Morning.

We're baffled. Tell us how you begin and complete these complicated and beautiful pieces?
It all starts with a vision in my head. I get a complete form visualized and begin basic sketches to see it come to life on paper. From there, I get to work and start building my new creation from the ground up. It’s like starting a unique rhythmic dance never knowing the exact outcome.

Glass blowing isn't offered at every kid’s day camp. How did you get into this medium?
My mom married a pipe maker when I was 14 years old, and from there it became the family business.  

What's the most important quality to have for a good glass blower?
Hard work and lots of dedication.

Ok, give it to us straight: how much are we going to spend on average for one of your pieces?
One of my solo pieces can range anywhere from $500 to $8,000.

Have you ever finished a piece and then watched someone drop it?
No, but I have worked on a piece for four days and ended up dropping it myself when I was pulling it out of the kiln.

What advice do you have someone interested in this line of work?
My advice to anyone interested in my line of work is don't be scared of burns, cuts or mistakes!

Most importantly, do you have plans for 4/20 and can we join you?
Where's the party at?