Art Talk: Ratha Sok

Art Talk: Ratha Sok

ArtJuly 08, 2014

We talk with this badass local photographer about a certain 1,500 square foot mural, working with film, and for some reason, the joys and hardships of killing the wrong person.


Height: 5’ 9’

Eye color: Brown.

Shoe size: Your girl will get too happy ...

Appetizer of choice: The still beating heart of an enemy.

Favorite Colorado celebrity: I don’t care about celebrities – it’s in my best interest not to think about such things unless that “celebrity” is my friend or family.

Perfect date setting: In the jungle, after hunting a wild pig and roasting it over a fire by the tree I just chopped down.

Favorite TV show at the moment: I don’t watch TV. Turn off that reality show and make your dreams into reality.

Worst job you've had: Killing the wrong person. It happens; move forward - it’s useless to live in the past.

One thing people should know about you: Freelance mercenary - using my skills to support my family.

What is it about film that you love so much? The process, mystery, quality, control and soul.

Is there a message surrounding the style in which you shoot? Your true self goes beyond your physical body and mind. I capture those moments.

Do you have a favorite subject type? Like Jay –Z said Girls, Girls, and Girls.

Describe the feeling of landing the perfect shot: Eyegasms.

Colorado seems like an amazing setting for photos, is that true? Yes - we have fourseasons, cities, farms, mountains, Casa Bonita ... I love adventures and exploring.

You recently worked on a 1500 sq. ft. mural with a group of students, how was that? Ooh Killem! - Couldn’t have done without the help of my ninjas Ben Migliorino, Denzel Samaniego, Jin Oh, Thien Tai and students of CEC Middle College.

Does size matter when it comes to cameras? My weapons are everything that exists.

How are your selfie skills? DOPE SAUCE! But I don’t have narcissism or an addiction.

How do you feel about Instagram making everyone a “photographer”? Great. Hopefully it’s a seed to some amazing photographers.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about photographers? The ones that don’t respect what others shoot.

Final words? Stay Focused. #RiseNGrind.