Artist Interview: Down With Webster talks dictionaries, fictitious albums and Canadian jails

Artist Interview: Down With Webster talks dictionaries, fictitious albums and Canadian jails

MusicOctober 17, 2014

We recently had the pleasure of communicating with Down with Webster, a pop-rap-boy band from Toronto, Canada. The guys have been touring the country, presumably spreading slandering lies about the dictionary (Down With Webster, get it?) and finally decided that it was time to venture to our neck of the woods.

After winning their middle school Battle of the Bands, there was really no other choice but to continue creating music. It’s done well for them, as songs of theirs have charted on Top 40 radio, gained the band more than 500,000 Facebook likes, sold more than 100,000 albums and have been video streamed 15 million times. Give the people what they want!

Down With Webster will be at The Ogden Theatre this Sunday, Oct 19, with Timeflies. Snatch up a ticket soon! That is, only if you’re into hot boys who can sing and dance all night? Its single, “Chills” has been playing repeatedly in the office as we wait their triumphant and smoke laden walkabout through Denver.

So what do you have against the dictionary?

That’s not even what it was. It was the TV show. We made it when we were really young and didn’t think it was a name that was going to stay with us for our entire lives. Actually at one of our shows Emmanuel Lewis from the show Webster got on stage with us and stayed the entire concert. It was awesome. He’s a great dude.

What’s it like being in the same band with people you went to middle school with? Were you like, ‘we won battle of the bands! Let’s do this!’?

We kinda grew up together in the same neighborhood and made music together in the backyards and played. It was good because we were friends first, we didn’t get thrown into a random band. We had known each other for so long there weren’t many surprises.

How would you classify your genre of music?

It’s really tough to do, we borrow form a lot of different stuff. Everything from Phil Collins to Drake; its all over the map.

What is one thing you would change about the music industry?

I don’t know. I wouldn’t really change anything. Its been good to us.

Except for these interviews, right?

No, no no. We love doing these!

If you were stranded on a desert what is one record that you’d have to have with you?

It would be... Ha, that’s impossible. That’s an impossible choice. It would have to be a mix that I could make. Dragon horse? ... Tyler’s answer is Dragon Horse. That is a fictitious album that has not been made.

Which band member is the most likely to end up in Mexico on a random Tuesday?

Bucky would most likely to end up in Mexico. He’s just that guy. I’m sitting next to him right now and I have no idea what he’s gonna do.

Are you excited to come to Denver and buy legal weed?

Can anyone one just walk in and buy weed? That’s great news. I did not know that at all. We will take full advantage of that. I was already pumped for Denver and now I’m super excited. In Canada it’s so over looked, it’s not legal, but there’s no fear of jail.

Do they even put people in jail in Canada?

No. And if they do its not scary at all.

Any new music on the horizon?

Yeah, actually after this tour we are headed to LA to record!

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