Beer Review: Upslope Thai Style White IPA

Beer Review: Upslope Thai Style White IPA

VicesMay 14, 2014

Upslope Brewing Company: Thai Style White IPA
6.5% ABV 55 ABU

Color: Clear golden with a thin head.
Aroma: Basil, ginger and lemongrass mixed with a sweet, yeasty smell hit the nose first, and there’s not much of a hop aroma.
Mouth feel: The mixture of spices, carbonation and hops in this brew ensure every single taste bud in your mouth is tickled.  
Taste: This White IPA starts out sweet and yeasty with a myriad of spices playing around on light malt. Just when you think you can taste basil and citrus, the flavors transform from light and refreshing to savory, and holy hell you forgot you ordered an IPA didn’t you. The bitter hops round out the flavor making this a true party in your mouth.

The way that the yeast, spices and hops mingle with one another in the Thai White IPA are enough for a person to believe in love again.  At first there were so many refreshing spices mulling around there’s no way this could be an IPA. Then this magical transformation happens; the spices become savory, and you realize there’s a shit-ton of hoppy goodness in this golden brew. It’s like the best date ever. He’s doing everything right, opening doors, asking you questions, being a true gent. One thing seamlessly leads to another and then, before you know it, you’re on your back, completely blown away that something this wonderful could actually happen to you. And while you’re lying there catching your breath, you smile because you still have 11 more ounces to drink. 

Pair with: Thai Chili Hot Wings – the sweet, spicy sauce will pull the basil and lemongrass flavors from the beer even more, while the yeast and hops amplify every flavor in the chilies, and cut the grease from the wings off your palate. Plus wings are good with everything.