Beloved smoke shack at Breckenridge obliterated after Inside Edition report. Let's cry together.

Beloved smoke shack at Breckenridge obliterated after Inside Edition report. Let's cry together.

CultureFebruary 27, 2014

The most infamous smoke shack in Colorado was destroyed last week following an Inside Edition report that tried, hilariously, to make a connection between snowboarding and pot use.

Turns out, Leo's, the beloved two-story smoke palace, was a major part of that story, and when Breck officials learned of its existence, they casually waltzed over to it and demolished it. Dreams = crushed.

For you gapers who aren't inclined to slide down mountains with planks attached to your feet or read Inside Edition, smoke shacks are funny little makeshift cabins deep in the back country of ski resorts where you can go to smoke the devil's grass, drink beer, or do whatever it is you do. Usually, their location is secret and you can only find them if you're a local who can ride backcountry like a boss.

Leo's had been around for about eight years, and even had an endearing snowboard bench that you could sit on while you ripped hits from your penis pipe. Here's a video of the beautiful weed dojo in its heyday (skip to 1:13 if you're antsy).

It was a spectacle of modern architecture.

Breck officials say that if they find any other smoke shack like Leo's, they'll wipe them out too. A spokesman from Vail Resorts, which owns Breckenridge, says the company has a zero-tolerance policy for weed fun-houses on its mountains. The smoke shacks are often built on National Forest Service land at ski areas, and it's currently illegal to smoke on federal property. God damn it, why do resorts have to make it so hard to get high?

But there's good new! Less a week after Leo's was crushed, a Facebook page called Leo's Rebuild Project cropped up, and already has over 2,000 likes. There's even an official Leo's t-shirt they're selling to raise money to rebuild the shack (*tear).

So maybe, just maybe if we play our cards right, a mixture of Facebook t-shirt sales and blind fate will resurrect the greatest smoke shack that ever was, and we can get back to getting lost in the woods, high as hell, trying to find it.