Tom and Kendra's date at Denver's FNG starts out as a total disaster

Tom and Kendra's date at Denver's FNG starts out as a total disaster

Hey, nothing like a little chaos to bring two people together...

SexFebruary 06, 2020



Hometown: Vancouver, Wash.
Age: 25
Current job: Server/Bartender
Zodiac sign: Libra
Favorite color: Green! Like forest green, dark green or an olive green. 
Pets: No, but I really want a dog someday. Or a bearded dragon. 
First concert: Fall Out Boy with Cobra Starship. 
Most recent concert: Bone Thugs-n-Harmony at the Fillmore. 
What’s your type: Normally tall, outdoorsy, cute, mature. Kind of rugged. 
Deal breakers: People who are stubborn, judgmental or arrogant. If you’re rude I’m like nah. 
My friends would describe me as: Down to earth, fun, bubbly, cute personality, fun to be with kind of person. 
Guilty pleasure: Probably full tubs of ice cream and reality TV shows. Like the trashy love or dating ones on MTV. Like Love Island.




Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.
Age: 36
Current job: Purveyor of electronic bass music, and Rooster’s bitch.
Zodiac sign: June 15th, so Gemini, right? 
Favorite color: Black
Pets: I have a fish. I can’t tell you his name ... it didn’t age well. 
First concert: Buju Banton
Most recent concert: Decadence
What’s your type: Ones that are attracted to me. 
Deal breakers: Someone who’s smelly. 
My friends would describe me as: Easy going, or just easy.
Guilty pleasure: HGTV
Celebrity crush: Mila Kunis

Well shit. They can’t all be storybook beginnings. After realizing we had, in fact, all met at the wrong restaurant, the crew jams into Rooster’s company car to head across town where FNG is waiting patiently. Nothing like a good awkward jaunt to get things rolling …

Describe your dating life in three words:
K: Here and there. 
T: Cool butts only. 

Have you ever been on a blind date before?
K: Not this blind, but online dates. I dabbled with the idea of Tinder, but I’m not into it anymore.
T: No. Because it’s a terrible idea. It’s terrifying. 

Where do you usually meet potential partners? 
K: Out and about, at bars, at parties. Or online. 
T: Concerts, raves, festivals, the Global Dance Festivals, the Decadences, the Red Rocks.

What’s your pickup strategy?
K: I’m very forward. I just go for it. If I see someone I like, I’ll just approach them and be myself.
T: Be myself. I literally never just go up to girls like that. 

Are there any weird dating stories from the past that you’d like to share? 
K: Oh god. Where do I even begin?
T: This girl said she might want to go out to dinner but we didn’t made good plans so my friend and I decided to go get ribs. Then she hit me up for late dinner and I really wanted to go out with her so I ordered a salad. After that she didn’t want to go out with me again because apparently a man shouldn’t order a salad. And when the waiter brought our food he gave us each other’s food and said, ‘Oh usually the girl has the salad,’ and I felt very emasculated. 

Did your friends give you any advice before the date?
K: Be yourself, be funny, just go with the flow, enjoy the experience. 
T: No. Nothing. 

What does your ideal date look like?
K: Probably getting a drink, walking around a park, getting to know each other that way. 
T: Some sort of adventure; like taking acid and going to the Botanical Gardens. 

How are the first impressions? 
K: I think he’s really cute, he seems really chill and has cool guy vibes. 
T: Actually really good. Surprisingly. 

Are you attracted to your date? 
K: Yeah, I am attracted to him. He seems like he’s got a lot going for him, which is nice … but I’m not sure if he’s my type. 
T: Definitely. 

When you saw your date, what was the first thing that went through your mind? 
K: Considering what was going on … I thought he seemed fun and very bro-ish-esque. 
T: Where the fuck are we? Why are we at the wrong restaurant? I hope I don’t sound like an idiot. 

Okay, okay, the smothered tots may fix the kerfuffle. Or the steak meatballs. But definitely drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. After a few, we pull the daters aside again to get a rundown of the night so far.

How’s it going overall? 
K: It’s going well. Very fun. There’s a bunch of crazy stories back and forth.
T: Good. Fun. She’s easy to talk to and we’re having good conversations. 

What are you two talking about? 
K: Mostly music, what we grew up with our backgrounds. We are kind of learning that we’re opposites in the sense that he’s from the city and I’m from the country. 
T: Just random stuff. Mostly about Denver because she’s new so she doesn’t know about all the stuff. 

What’s something interesting or unique about themselves that your date has shared with you? 
K: What he does, which is like DJing and social media. 
T: That she was a carnie! She worked at a carnival. She was the ‘Gold Fish Ring Toss Girl.’ She didn’t tell me if it was rigged or not, but I’m assuming it is. 

On a scale of 0-5 how is the chemistry?
K: I would say 3.5-4. If we had more things in common it could be a 5. 
T: I don’t really know what that means, but do you mean romantic or just a connection? 3? It was going to be a 7 out of 10 but I don’t know what it is out of 5. 

Do you have any major similarities or differences?
K: More differences than similarities. 
T: Not major in either way. She’s from a small town and I’m from and urban city. 

How was dinner? What did you get?
K: It was good, really tasty. I haven’t eaten that much yet because I I’ve been talking a lot, but it’s been fun.
T: Phenomenal. The drinks are really good. I’ve been sloshing them down. Except I don’t like that mine has a flower in it and they keep coming with another flower and it makes me feel emasculated. 

Is FNG a good spot for a date? 
K: Yeah! I like the ambiance here. 
T: Yes, because it’s not too loud so you can hear each other talk. I’m deaf.  

Would you go on another date with each other? 
K: Maybe. 
T: Ummmmmmm … yeah. 

Where do you want the rest of the night to go? 
K: He seemed like he knew that there are some good bars around here. Maybe another drink. 
T: I never have expectations or plans. I think that’s what Chads do. I just like to enjoy whatever the fuck happens naturally.

“It’s pretty good! It seems like every time I go over there they seem more comfortable, more chatty and more relaxed. Unsure of a second date at this point, but we’ll see!”

Not the best connection. But definitely not the worst. Luckily FNG was able to steer the ship back and give these two a night to remember. We leave the two to finish off the night and go bury our heads into the pillows in shame where we belong!

What happened after Rooster left?
K: We stayed for a little bit, Uber’d back to the city together and had one more drink together and went home. 
T: We had a few more drinks, we went back to my place, smoked some weed, took the dog for a walk, went to the Horseshoe and then parted ways. 

Did Rooster find a match?
K: Maybe a friend match. 
T: I don’t think so. But, she’s nice.  

Was there a goodbye kiss? 
K: No kiss. 
T: No. We just smoked weed and chilled but there was not romantic-ness.  

How about a second date?
K: Maybe. A hangout yeah. 
T: Yeah probably a second hang, but probably not a date.  

Overall, how was it?
K: It was good. A lot of fun.  
T: If I didn’t have to work today, it would have been great. But I ended up getting shit boxed and now I’m crazy hungover.  

Do you have any advice for future Blind Daters?
K: Just go with the flow, no expectations, have fun, be yourself. 
T: Just have an open mind. It definitely was better than I thought. 

Do you have any regrets from last night?
K: No. No regrets. 
T: The hangover. 

What’s next in your dating life?
K: Hanging out, doing what I do. Nothing different. Putting myself out there more. 
T: I don’t know. 

Is there anything you want to end with?
K: Just overall good vibes, good time.  
T: Follow me on Soundcloud.  

You know, in this dire age of uncertainty it’s nice to see two people overcome life’s many obstacles and simply enjoy what’s thrown at them in style. Kendra and Tom might not stand in front of the Lord to sign tax papers anytime soon, but they made a real life connection and that’s just fucking swell. Until next time, singles!