Colorado Springs mayoral candidate launches campaign based entirely on pot puns

Colorado Springs mayoral candidate launches campaign based entirely on pot puns

PoliticsApril 28, 2015

Colorado Springs mayoral candidate Mary Lou Makepeace is running on a pro-recreational marijuana platform, aiming to bring weed to a desolate land where there is none.

To promote this, she's done what any good politician today would do, and launched a fundraising campaign based entirely on ... weed puns?

You betcha. It's called "Pot for Potholes," and she's suggesting proceeds could be used to address persistent and widespread pothole problems in Colorado Springs.

"I say it's time for Pot for Potholes," she said triumphantly in a press release. Looks like Makepeace has "made peace" with the legalization tide. Ha ha, puns!

We say it's time for a different campaign. It's called "Pot for Potholes 2" and it connects pot to the holes pot goes into, aka mouths. Mouths are just potholes if you think about it man. Politics and weed unite!

Later in the day, she also said she believes legal sales will help marginalize the black market, and she wants to regulate marijuana sales in the same way as cigarettes and alcohol.

"By refusing to regulate, we are allowing the underground trade to flourish," said the pothole-loving pre-mayor herself.

Also of note, Mary Lou was Colorado Springs' first female mayor, and has already served two mayoral terms in the last 20 years, #respect. We're pretty sure she knows what she's doing with this Pot for Potholes business.

In other news, we're running for City Council and our campaign will be funded by "Weed for Weed," a revolutionary new system that exchanges dandelions for pot. See you in 2016!