Daily Viral: CDOT’s “Driving High” video campaign is about as funny as government sponsored PSA’s get

Daily Viral: CDOT’s “Driving High” video campaign is about as funny as government sponsored PSA’s get

"Grilling high is now legal, but driving to get propane isn't"

VicesDecember 12, 2019 By Will Brendza

Since 2016, there have been over 4,000 people charged with “driving under the influence” who had to be tested for cannabis. And 73-percent of those people tested positive, according to a report from the Division of Criminal Justice — almost 3000 of them.

That’s a lot. Which is perhaps not surprising, when we live in a state where cannabis is legal, where many adults smoke it regularly, all of whom have shit to do and places to be. Driving high is far from uncommon in this state. It’s something people do on the commute to work, on the commute home, on road trips, driving up to the mountains to ski or hike, on their way to concerts, when they’re going out to dinner with friends, or just sitting in the soul-suckingly slow traffic that plagues this state.

All of which is why, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) initiated an educational campaign several years ago, to combat high driving. They’re making PSA’s like the ones below, which aim to paint stoners as totally forgetful, mental cripples who are largely incapable of even the simplest of tasks.

They’re about as funny as government funded PSA’s can be. But they aren’t exactly accurate when it comes to educating people on the issue. Watch a few of these, and, if you didn’t know any better, you might be scared to ever take to Colorado’s public roads again, knowing that two thirds of the people you’re sharing the road with are stoned like the people in these videos.

But, rest easy - things aren't quite as bad as these videos might have you believe. 

The holiday season upon us, dear Rooster Readers; stay safe out there. Even if you aren’t as incapacitating blitzed as the folks in the CDOT PSA’s, driving high (especially around this time of year, when the fuzz is out in FORCE) is a dangerous game. Better safe than sorry.