Daily Viral: Tennessee mad-lad sparks up doobie in front of judge, during court arraignment for marijuana charges

Daily Viral: Tennessee mad-lad sparks up doobie in front of judge, during court arraignment for marijuana charges

Some heroes don't wear capes... they wear heady hoodies

VicesJanuary 29, 2020 By Will Brendza

Spencer Boston was facing charges of possession of marijuana - charges he felt were undue, unjust and even un-American. And he was going to let the world know that.  

His day in court had finally come and as he sat waiting for his moment in the sun, he nervously fumbled with the two small objects in his pocket.

Then, they called his name and the time was nigh. Boston stood and took to the podium, before his judge, surrounded by law enforcement, county clerks and lawyers, all shuffling about, bored and unaware. This was it. This was his time to shine.

Boston removed the fat doobie he’d brought, from his pocket. He pulled a match from his jacket and in one swift motion, lit the joint, puffed it and turned to the shocked audience, shouting something to the effect of, Marijuana should be legal in Tennessee!

Before he even finished that sentence though, the court officer was upon him. His arms were jerked behind his back, cuffs were slapped on his wrists and he was quickly escorted out of the court room.

But while Boston the man had been removed, his words and the dank stench of burned marijuana still hung heavy on the air behind him. He’d made his statement, and goddamn he’d done it in style.

Boston was charged with contempt of court and simple possession of drugs for the incident and sentenced to ten days in jail.

Which, to a hero like him, is probably well-worth it. Just judging by his mug shot, Boston doesn’t look like the kind of guy who would apologize for something like this — nor should he. Because he’s right: pot should be legal in Tennessee. It should be legal throughout the continental US. The fact that in 2020, people like him are still being criminally charged with possession of pot is, itself, criminal.

The stunt made national news. And Boston has likely been cemented into stoner and wook culture as a legendary figure, forever. But his little act of protest isn’t likely to engender any real change (except maybe for Boston’s employment opportunities).

See the courtroom video below (we aren't sure why it's so small, either. Don't panic, though, just hit full screen, sit back, spark one up and enjoy):