Dark romanticism is what the stunning photography of Erin Graboski is all about

Dark romanticism is what the stunning photography of Erin Graboski is all about

CultureFebruary 01, 2017


Favorite snack:
Chips and Guac

When did you start taking pictures?
I started taking pictures when I was 15 while on a trip and started to get into the medium. As I explored it more, I started taking fine art/conceptual pictures at about 17 years old.

Are you a self-taught designer?
Yes. Completely self-taught. Both with the camera and Photoshop.

What emotions do you want people to get out of your finished pieces?
I aim to create some sort of storyline in each of my photos; so I hope that people can get some sort of whimsy and wonder, and perhaps a little escape of reality for a moment in my finished pieces.

Inspirational Quote:
“Art is the stored honey of the human soul.” - Theodore Dreiser

Is there a reason why you use yourself in a lot of your photos?
There’s a couple of reasons. One, its how I first discovered and created my conceptual work. When I first started exploring other artists work, similar to my style, they were all self portraits as well, so I think it just became second nature to me. I also haven’t met any models yet to work with, so I just take it as my own unique way of creating my photography.

Do you use your blinker when you switch lanes?

What do you value most in the world?
I’m going to sound pretty corny — but I value art the most. It’s been a huge part of my life since I was young.

What's the best advice you've ever gotten?
Just to go with your own gut and create art with your own best intentions. Since I learned to take the time that I needed to dedicate to each concept I’m creating, it’s really allowed to me to begin creating my best work and create work that I am truly proud of.

Shameless Plug:
Website: ErinGraboski.com
Facebook: /ErinGraboskiPhotography
Instagram: @ErinGraboskiArt