Dear Ibby, Do girls enjoy the Shocker?

Dear Ibby, Do girls enjoy the Shocker?

SexJune 16, 2014

Do you mean to ask whether girls enjoy being prodded by a configuration of fingers that is used almost exclusively by frat bros to affirm their friendship as they double team a MILF? Yeah, sometimes.

I can tell you with a fair degree of certainty that most girls enjoy the bulk of the shocker, which is your index and middle finger in their collective vaginas, but when it comes to the pinky-in-the-butt part, I’m not so sure. For one, anal stuff is only moderately popular with the ladies. My sources tell me that in 2012, the CDC estimated that only 36 percent of women were down with butt sex, which is miles more than previous years, but still a low enough number to merit a conversation about it before you go sticking your most breakable finger in her ass.

If you’re one of those men or women with an anal infatuation, test the waters by lighting stroking her butt, without penetrating it, and see how she responds before you start "shocking" anything.

The other reason I'm not so sure about this is that when you’re “shocking,” as it were, you’re not really focusing on one hole or the other, you’re half-assing both of them (I meant that pun with all my heart). Because the butt is rather sensitive and usually needs to be handled gently and attentively to elicit a pleasurable response, I don’t think the shocker is necessarily what the doctor ordered in terms of getting her off.

Unless you have huge, dexterous, penis-shaped hands. Mmm.