Dear Ibby, Have you heard about the A-Spot? What the hell is it and how do I get to it?

Dear Ibby, Have you heard about the A-Spot? What the hell is it and how do I get to it?

SexMarch 05, 2014

You know how the clitoris is, physiologically, a degenerated penis? Well, the A-Spot is analogous to the a degenerated prostate. Early on in the womb, babies’ gentalia develops from the same structures regardless of gender, then differentiates into male or female (or sometimes a mix of both). So, many of the structures that are present in one gender are present in the other, just in different ways. In women, the A-Spot isn’t a gland like its male counterpart, it’s a bundle of super-sensitive nerves that when stimulated, can lead to rapid vaginal lubrication, arousal, and orgasm. Yay to the max.

Its main function other than pleasure is to redirect ejaculatory fluid released from the G-Spot and turn it into vaginal lubrication so sex feels better and you have a better chance of getting off. Raise your hand if you have a boner!

Okay, now let’s find it. Here’s a road map. Go straight at the vulva. Go 2-3 inches up to the G-Spot. Hang out there for a sec...yeah, just a little longer...okay, sorry, where was I? Continue straight. Further. Until you’re at the topmost part of the vagina. It’s all the way up in there, hanging out between the cervix and the bladder, on the frontal wall. Ladies, ladies, ladies: you know how you feel when you want to get fucked, fingered or toyed really deep? You’re probably feeling it in your A-Spot. It’s the type of horniess that feels like it’s maybe 2-3 inches up from your pubic bone, deep in your abdomen. It’s probably going to be hard to reach with your own fingers unless you’re Nosferatu, so the best way to get to it is with a slightly curved toy, or a dick that you’d be proud to write home about (or again, Nosferatu fingers). Keep in mind that when you’re aroused, your vagina elongates slightly to accommodate any potential penises (or what-not) that might find their way in there, so it might be further up towards your cervix than you think if you’re feeling real randy.

Be really gentle when you’re exploring it though; you’re bound to bang shit into your cervix if you’re up there, and we all know that feels stupid. If you're using your fingers or someone else's, you can stimulate it in the same way you would a G-Spot, by inserting a finger or two up there and making a "come-hither" motion with your fingertips. Or you can go in little circles, or if you're really pro, spell out the lyrics to "Every 1's a Winner" by Hot Chocolate. That’s really all I have to say to you now, go have fun with your vagina.

Look! Here it is, along with the other female pleasure structures you can't ever seem to find: