Dear Ibby, Have you read about that study that found that squirting was just peeing? Is that true?

Dear Ibby, Have you read about that study that found that squirting was just peeing? Is that true?

SexFebruary 06, 2015

Yeah, I read that shit.

For those of you that don’t know, a study just came out saying that squirting is nothing more than urinating in the throes of pleasure. That’s a controversial result because of the stigma against sexual urination, the fact that most women vehemently disagree that they’re peeing when they squirt, and because so much contradictory research already exists to counteract that hypothesis.

For example, a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine determined that the fluid emitted during orgasm showed all the characteristics of prostate plasma, not urine. Researchers concluded that this might be proof that females have what are called Paraurethral/Skene’s glands, which is where the fluid comes from, much like a female prostate. Many women seem to support this theory, saying the fluid they squirt has a slightly thicker consistency than water/pee.

Other studies can’t even get it together to figure out simple things about squirting like how prevalent it is; literature review reveal that between six and 60 percent of women can do it … which is like saying either everyone can or no one can, ha ha ha we’re scientists!  It’s also unclear in the current scientific literature whether squirting comes from the urethra or the vagina. Women’s personal accounts support both structures.

Translation: No one knows what’s going on with squirting.

There are so many gaps in squirting knowledge that it’s hard for be to buy into that squirt juice=urine thing.  If squirting were just peeing, then all girls who can pee should be able to squirt, which is clearly untrue. On that note, girls who can squirt say they can do so without having full bladders. So, if there’s no urine, where’s the squirting coming from?  Obviously, since some women do seem to squirt from their urethras, the researchers would find urine in the squirt fluid because there are always traces of urine in ze pee hole. But that doesn’t mean it’s just piss.

It can be also be dangerous to label squirting as peeing. It’s an expression of pleasure, but to call it urination is to call it unsanitary and incontinent. Outside of the wonderful world of golden showers and urine fetishism,  most people don’t want to pee on someone or get peed on. I’d hate to think that girls who have the amazing and enviable power to squirt would feel ashamed of their talent because some white coats say it’s pee. I’d also hate to think that any guy or girl who gets squirted on would make the squirter feel shame for peeing on them, when really they were just releasing pleasure in a really wet way.

Regardless of whether squirt fluid is or contains urine, it’s a beautiful, rare thing and and as far as I’m concerned, it could be made of fucking antifreeze. It's still hot and if you can do it go supersoak your cat about it.