Dear Ibby, When is a good point in a relationship to try cuckolding? It seems like a more mature fantasy.

Dear Ibby, When is a good point in a relationship to try cuckolding? It seems like a more mature fantasy.

SexJuly 25, 2014

That’s like asking when is a good point to cut out a circle in a piece of toast then put that toast on your cat’s head like a little hat … to which the answer is obviously anytime.

If you share a mutual fantasy and have communicated about it to the point where you’re both comfortable taking it from fantasy to reality, then this is where I tell you to go for it.

Cuckolding has a reputation for being a mature fantasy because traditionally, it served the purpose of satisfying married women whose husbands were lacking in the sex skillz or penis department. But although the concept married people with sexual problems brings to mind older couples who’ve ostensibly tried other, less drastic measures to improve their sex lives, the lure of cuckolding transcends age. Today. cuckolding is less of a reference to marital deviance and more just hot-as-shit sex in general.

I mean think about it; having sex with someone else while your partner kills all the birds with one stone when it comes to incorporating kink and fetish int your sex life; there’s assertions of dominance and submission, confronting prowess vs. inability, voyeurism, performance, and blurring the lines of pleasure and pain (it hurts so good when you see your partner moaning at the touch of someone other than you). It’s dramatic and intense and there’s a lot to lose when something goes wrong, which makes it erotic. So in that sense, carrying out your cuckold fantasy has nothing to do with age, only with sexual interest, and if you’re interested in doing it but haven’t registered for AARP, then I’d like to extend a warm internet blessing to your ass.

I mean, it would be good to wait until you’re at a point in your relationship where you’ve communicated your boundaries and desires very clearly to each other, and when you’re confident knowing that fooling around with other people is more of an expression of your human desires than of your partner’s inadequacy. Whether you reach that point in seven  minutes or 72 years depends on you. If you’ve got a healthy relationship and a willing partner, carrying out your fantasies will only make your bond stronger.

Now go out there and find a tattooed bald dad named “Cruiser” on Craigslist to bang you while your partner uses his own tears as lubricant!