Dear Ibby, Why are guys so afraid of strong, confident women?

Dear Ibby, Why are guys so afraid of strong, confident women?

SexJuly 09, 2014

Because confident women are smart enough not to talk to them. You think any chick worth her salt gives a shit about some random fool in a baseball cap talking to them? Please; she’s orchestrating business commands via earset bluetooth while simultaneously working out and achieving childhood goals. She’s too busy to respond to your errant and oddly red dick pics on Tinder.

More importantly, confident women don’t need men. And that’s scary for people XY chromosomes, because traditionally, men had things women wanted. Money. Shelter. Land. Livestock. Voting rights. The occasional penis. And so for a while there, many women had to rely on men to survive. But today’s ladies have figured out how to procure the things they need for themselves. That’s scary, because when you take away the things a man has that satisfy the traditional male gender role, what’s he left with? A beer gut and this 90’s hip-hop mixtape he made you. And that harsh reality would scare any man who’s not a hilarious supermodel.

Whereas a woman with less confidence might believe she needs a man to be happy or get something she wants, a stronger woman sees men as props in her life play. And men can sense this with their special male situation-sensing skills. It comes off as fear, or disdain for women in power.

But if you’re a man, you want to snag one of these confident women because they’re independent, smart, interesting, don’t play games, and probably have great, firm tits. The easiest way to bag one is to surprise her. Teach her something she doesn’t already know, make her laugh, or put on some similar display of your skilled manhood. Not for her, but for you. The more successful you are in your own life, and the more you stand by what you do and don’t make apologies for what you have or don’t have, the more likely you are to attract one of these-mega babes. Having confidence in yourself will make her have confidence in you … and your dick.