Did a real UFO just crash in Brazil? The internet explodes, as videos, eye-witness accounts and military helicopters emerge everywhere

Did a real UFO just crash in Brazil? The internet explodes, as videos, eye-witness accounts and military helicopters emerge everywhere

Brazil may have just had a modern Roswell event

VicesMay 15, 2020 By Will Brendza

This article was updated with new information on 5/18/19. Many of the origional videos have been removed from Twitter, Reddit and Youtube and I am working hard to replace them as they come down. 


It was very late in the small village of Magé, just outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Tuesday night, when residents noticed a number of "bus-sized, lid-shaped" objects flying in formation, and at “random speeds” in the skies above their town.

Many people pulled out their phones and began filming, as Brazilian Army helicopters appeared and pursued the objects. One of which, began to descend towards Earth very quickly, appearing to crash into the jungle, according to reports.

At that moment, a resident captured a video of a bright green light erupting into the sky from the area where the UFO went down. It's unclear if this was exactly the moment the object crashed, or if it was just shortly afterwards. Regardless, it's very eerie. 

The next morning, Magé locals awoke to discover that the area had been cordoned off by the 32nd infantry Battalion of the Brazilian Army, many explosions and gunshots were heard and a plume of smoke seemed to emanate from the alleged crash site. This is extremely unusual, locals say. Not just the military presence, but the concentrated discharge of firearms is something the people of Magé are not used to hearing in the jungle.

Notably, the crash happened directly adjacent to a military-controlled firearms factory. 

Magé police were not allowed to access the area, according to local reports. Civilian drones that have tried to approach the area have been shot down. And journalists who tried to get anywhere near it, were arrested. All day, military helicopters patrolled the skies making sure that no one could approach the site.  

Of course, since this is 2020 just about everybody has a camera phone — so there were tons of videos of this event. In the following days, posts showing photos and videos of the Magé incident were uploaded online showing the unidentified orbs flying in inexplicable zig-zagging patterns across the sky; showing military helicopters and airplanes patrolling areas they normally don’t; showing the explosions; and showing the stir in town that the event caused.

But almost as fast as these videos were posted to places like Reddit and Youtube and Twitter, they were removed. A coordinated and concerted censorship campaign was (and still is) under way, to smear, disinform and outright block certain perspectives from emerging. Not just in Brazil, either, but globally — this event has been consciously ignored by most media outlets. 

In fact, the only mainstream media news outlet to even mention this incident so far has been CNN, in a very brief article, discrediting the whole event. Google “Brazil UFO Crash” right now, and there is nothing new that comes up under the “All” tab, under “News” or even under “Videos.” And on Twitter, almost every tweet with the hashtag #MAGEUFO was deleted yesterday.

For some reason all of this internet buzz and all of these Magé videos are being buried, and there’s no explanation as to why. The only place you can find videos, eyewitness accounts and compilations of this strange event are in the depths of Twitter, Reddit and Youtube — almost solely on conspiracy, UFO and alien channels/subs.

Was it a Brazilian military craft, of top-secret origin, that they were experimenting with in the dead of night? Or, was it something less-Earthly? Was it an actual, bonafide extra-terrestrial vehicle that went down in the jungles of Brazil this week? Is this the Brazilian Roswell?

No one knows just yet. But regardless, the videos clearly show a military presence where there normally isn’t one, and the Brazilian firefighters, police, military and government have repeatedly denied that there was any activity in this area, despite all the videos of their activity.  

And sadly, there has been a lot of mis- and dis-information spreading as well. A fake video of someone who said they snuck up to the crash site, circulated widely yesterday, which turned out to be a hoax. And many other people online are sharing videos that have nothing to do with this event, and which are only contributing to the static noise that’s making it so hard to get to The Truth, here.

Here’s what’s undeniable: Something happened. Something woke up the entire village of Magé late Tuesday night; something strange in the skies caused all of those people to pull out their phones and point them skyward; something got the Brazilian military scrambling into action, and locking down a remote and normally-overlooked rural area.

Something happened, and there is an effort online and through news outlets to cover it up. Why?

That’s the real question here. It’s hard to imagine that 2020 could deliver the death of Kobe Bryant, a global pandemic and aliens arriving on Earth… but this has been a strange year and I certainly wouldn’t count it out as a possibility.

Keep your eyes on this developing situation in Brazil. Don’t let this get buried and forgotten, because there’s something we aren’t being told, something somebody doesn’t want the general public to know. And it has everything to do with what happened in the skies over Magé.