Dine like hobo royalty with this 12-course meal in a can

Dine like hobo royalty with this 12-course meal in a can

CultureOctober 18, 2013

Thank you, artist Chris Godfrey, for this creation...we guess?

This thing that you're looking at here actually exists, which is a concept we're still grappling with. We really can't decide whether to vomit or to cover it in sprinkles and parade it around the homeless shelter like a knight who's just slayed a dragon. We would be hobo kings, and rule the land with iron fists, #YOLO.

But in all seriousness, this 12-ounce can contains some of the most high-brow foodie food ever. Here's what's contained in this Michelin star k-hole of culinary mind-fuckery. It's like everyone's dream last-meal.

  •     Selection of local cheeses with sourdough bread
  •     Pickled Kobe beef with charred strawberry
  •     Ricotta ravioli with a soft egg yolk
  •     Shitake mushroom topped with filled peppers
  •     Halibut poached in truffle butter in a coconut crepe
  •     Risotto foraged ramps, prosciutto and fresh Parmesan
  •     French onion soup with fresh thyme and Gruyere cheese
  •     Roast pork belly and celeriac root puree
  •     Palate cleanser, pear ginger juice
  •     Rib eye steak with grilled mustard greens
  •     Crack pie with milk ice cream on a vanilla tuile
  •     French canelé with a malt barley and hazelnut latte

Oh my god...can you just imagine the street drugs we could trade for this quietly brilliant 12-ounce can?