Dispelling Common Online Casino Myths

Dispelling Common Online Casino Myths

VicesMarch 04, 2020

Meta description: Let’s bust some common online casino myths so you can enjoy playing casino games without unnecessary worries or apprehensions.

Thousands of people open up their online casino account every day and enjoy playing a wealth of slots and table games. These games are only going to get better when 5G tech enters the frame. While these people are playing casino games, there is another group of people who are looking on and want to enjoy these experiences. But have been warned off by common online casino myths.

We’re here to bust these myths and show why playing at an online casino can be a lot of fun. Read on to uncover four common online casino myths and why you should ignore them.

#1: The Casino Games Are Rigged

All the games at an online casino and any other casino for that matter have a house edge. This means that over a long duration, the casino will always win more money than it loses, by the law of numbers. However, that doesn't stop players from winning big because the casino can lose a lot of money in one hit but still make their profit over time.

Casinos know this, and it is why they use Random Number Generators (RNG) and Accumulative win ratios on their games to guarantee fair play. In order to guarantee that the games or slot machines that you play are fair and not manipulating you, a regulated casino with a valid betting license should be chosen, which can typically be found at the bottom of the casino homepage. Larger casino groups may also be a more secure fit such as GVC Holdings Party Casino site or the Stars Groups Betstars site.

#2: You Will Be Due a Win

Above we mentioned the RNG system used by legal casinos. Before we move on, keep in mind what the ‘R; stands for.

When playing a game for a while, you may be on a losing streak or a winning streak. When on a losing streak we think we are due a big win any time soon. This is not the case because each new spin of the roulette wheel or spin of the slot reels is entirely random. What came before does not influence what will happen next.

Thus, you can never be due a win!

#3: Counting Cards is Illegal

Although card counting (memorizing cards to know the likelihood of the next card) has been stamped out by many brick-and-mortar casinos and live online casino games, there is no law that prohibits it. Casinos may be patrolling their games to make sure this is not being done, but you cannot go for jail for it because no law exists.

However, there are plenty of other ways to strategize for games without potentially getting in trouble.

#4: Online Casinos Lead to Gambling Problems

Sometimes people sign up to casinos to enjoy the fun games but end up losing more money than they hoped. Instead of cutting their losses and walking away, they try and chase their losses to win their money back. What usually ends up happening is that they lose even more money and don’t stop chasing the loss. This is how a gambling problem develops.

Although gambling addiction is a serious issue, it is not something that happens to many online casino users. The majority of people that use online casinos never experienced anything like a gambling problem. Moreover, the best casinos protect players by allowing them to set betting limits.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s play?