Colorado escape room company drops wild online versions to play with friends

Colorado escape room company drops wild online versions to play with friends

CultureApril 16, 2020 By Brian Frederick

So you've watched every episode of every show on Netflix. Check.
Listened to every song on Spotify. Check.
Ate all the weird fixings from the back of the cupboard even though you're not sure how they even got there. Check.

And yet the country still has an entire month to go before social distancing restrictions begin to lift. 

Well if you haven't completely pickled your brain with cheap whiskey yet, The Clue Room in Centennial, Colorado, has dropped something for you and your friends to tackle together. It's called a Digital Escape Game and has multiple iterations in its series to keep you and your loved ones busy and somewhat sane during these times.

The games are (sort of) what you'd expect from the real life versions. Up to 6 players are "locked" in a room online, and while a set timer counts down, everyone is in charge of working together to figure out puzzles — eventually leading to your "escape" and justification of later bragging online. 

The Clue Room is a family owned and operated business so feel even better knowing your $40 entry fee helped locals while having a great time with friends. Available rooms right now include: Operation Shield and Sword (a fun spy-themed game where players are agents trying to stop a nefarious spy organization) and Alice's Whimsical Wonderland — with more on the way.

Load the bowl, pour the drinks, link up with friends, quarantine just leved up.

[cover photo Mari Monpari via Pexels]