Faceoff: drunk man dressed as woman vs. other drunk man dressed as woman

Faceoff: drunk man dressed as woman vs. other drunk man dressed as woman

VicesSeptember 17, 2013

Apparently, the new thing this week is dressing in drag, getting wasted, and blowing it, as evidenced by these two cross-dressin' men who made headlines this week:

Drunk Man Dressed as a Woman: James Reid Sills

James, or "Jessica," as he liked to be called, celebrated Friday the 13th last week by donning his most daring drag outfit, standing on a street corner, and flashing his genitals at cars. Hey, that's one way to direct traffic.

He's a registered sex offender, but his redeeming quality is that he's got some really cool tattoos: devil horns on his forehead and a rose with vines on his back. And he looks much better in makeup than some women we know, so there's that (see above). Hopefully he'll look just as good in an orange jumpsuit...looks like he's got the perfect skin tone.

Other Drunk Man Dressed as a Woman: Jonathan Harty

This half-naked Seattle stunner was involved in a car crash last week after he did a bunch of meth and had maybe a little...a lot..way too much to drink. Then put on fake boobs. And a pair of panties. Then he peed in a bottle, and decided to take his two daughter, ages 4 and 6, on a joyride to "get some toys at the toy store." The officers who arrested him also noted that Jonathan said he had been "having a dream" that he was in a car crash...and he was in a pretty gnarly one. He crashed into three cars at 100 mph, apparently hell-bent on getting some awesome toys. Somehow, his daughters were only bruised.  Jonathan wasn't insured, perhaps due to the false bosom he was rocking. Boobs to the rescue again!

Man, we guess it doesn't feel so good to be a woman...in jail.