The f*ck did we just watch Wednesday: Evan Barlow, "So What"

The f*ck did we just watch Wednesday: Evan Barlow, "So What"

MusicOctober 01, 2014

Welcome to this edition of “The Fuck Did We Just Watch Wednesday,” where we try and explain away failed comprehension of something we see online that treads on the invisible line between bizarre and brilliant.

This is stuff we couldn’t let just sit in our inbox.

Today’s installment comes from a Richmond, VA hip-hop artist by the name of Evan Barlow. By his own biographical admission he was a young kid when he first was exposed to music by way of his father’s love of Elvis Presley and coming up on classic 2Pac and 112 albums.

The train to artistiville was derailed, however, when he found that his love of drugs surpassed anything else in life and it wasn’t until he kicked the junk in 2012 that becoming an artist became reality.

“I just love the feeling of not having to feel,” Barlow says in his online biography. “I love that I could take all my pain away with just one pill, which eventually turned into two, then three and so on. Eventually I was sticking needles in my arm every hour just to feel normal. Well what I thought was normal anyway.”

As with most addictions, drugs took away the ability to develop a solid game plan for the future, but gave him great stories to tell in his music. Hip-hop was a way to tell them.

“Growing up I had no idea what I wanted to be,” he adds. “I always knew I just wanted to make people laugh and be happy. I was always the class clown or the one doing crazy stuff to get attention. I knew I had a talent for rhyming at a young age, but just never took it seriously because I thought there was no hope for someone from a small town like me. Once I got clean in 2012 I realized I had a hell of a story, I can rap and I’m good. So I decided to put my story on paper and start taking my hip-hop career seriously.”

But his rhyme structure and visual style isn’t something that comes across so stuffy and deep, as the material’s content would lead the listener to believe. It’s very much silly and overly ostentatious in a way that’s captivating and sincere. Barlow knows he’s a goofball and uses the dynamic to push envelopes in the surreal.

Honestly, have you ever seen a beautiful woman serve dope fiends an entire fried chicken and then make out while they embrace said chicken in a loving manner? (0:52) It’s one of the most extraordinary nosh-sessions we’ve ever seen.