Furry convention is every thing we thought it would be and more

Furry convention is every thing we thought it would be and more

CultureMarch 24, 2014

In the spectrum of sexual deviancy there are few fetishes that perplex the vanilla mind more than furries. Yes, there are people who spend thousands of dollars to dress up like an animal and engage in group sex, but the really weird part is, some of them don’t even care about the sex. Whether they’re, “Yiffing” (furry sex) or not, they’re everywhere and have conventions to prove it. One such convention had its 7th anniversary this weekend and that made us wonder, where did this fetish come from, and how can we get in on this.

The Furry Weekend Atlanta is much like any other fan-led convention, complete with singing and dancing competitions, art shows, parades and raging parties every night. But unlike any other convention, these people were dressed head-to-toe as their favorite animals, and they tend to form fur piles in the wee hours of the morning. The conventions are a place were furries can live it up without being judged, although it’s highly suggested that you change out of your costume before hitting the streets. You see a lot of weird shit in the ATL but a parade of furries in bondage gear may be a bit too much, for right now anyway.  

Not all furries are freaks and weirdoes who can only get laid when they’re dressed as a dragon, it’s a lot bigger than that. This thing started way back in the day when writers and artists created animals with human characteristics. These super-sexy anthropomorphs titillated humans and thus the furry fandom began. So sit back dear reader, you’re about to learn something.

The year is 1985, and Judy Niver of the Cartoon and Fantasy Organization was bored and annoyed with all the robots and aliens that flocked to the San Diego ComicCon. She decided to throw a party for her furry friends and that, as they say, was history. The party raged on and every year after that furries flock to her hotel room waiting to get a piece of the action.

In the early 90’s there’s enough interest in the furry community to host their very own conventions free of robots and alien scum.  AntroCon and ConFurence Zero started it all, and things just got crazy from there. By the time ConFurence 8 rolled around the Internet had proliferated the furry community. Conferences became less of a chance to get together, read comic books and not be judged, and more of a place to get together and have dirty, kinky furry sex everywhere.

And dirty, kinky, furry sex they had. In elevators, the conference halls, orgies spilled out into the hallways, “Pet” auctions, where you could purchase a willing sex slave for the weekend, were held and drugged out wolves ran around in nothing but their masks and Dixie Cups.

This sort of behavior didn’t sit well with some in the furry community. Here they are trying to just have a legitimate convention and these heathens are turning them into weeklong, wild, sex parties.  The folks at ComiCon never had this much trouble.
So now there are two factions of furries, Burned Furs and the Freezing Furs.

The Burned Furs are your fundamentalists who oppose the grotesque sexual activities their furry brethren were involved in. They worried the furry’s reputation was being smeared with lots and lots of semen, and did not adequately represent the entire population. The Freezing Furs formed in opposition. They were shocked that not everyone got the memo about the wild sex; that’s what they signed up for. They wanted to continue having their fur fueled sex parties, because really what’s wrong with an animal orgy every once in a while?

Divided, the Burned Furs took over the convention, moved the location and did not invite the Freezing Furs. As a result, nobody cared or wanted to go to their conventions any more. What’s the point of spending thousands on a suit if you’re not going to get some? There’s just no point at all.

In the mid 2000s the mainstream media found out about the salacious parties these furries were having. They were jealous, demonized the members as freaks and pedophiles and completely ignored the, let’s call them, psychological benefits of belonging to the furry community. The furries loved their community and sex parties, but also didn’t want the world to see them as pedophiles. They had to band together. They needed to protect the image of the furry. Not everyone is a creepy, loser who can only get laid by camouflaging their entire body with a mountain lion suit. Most furries are normal people who, thanks to Disney and children’s TV in the 80’s and 90’s, fetishized animal characters. They enjoy dressing up as animals for a few weekends out of the year and if a massive orgy happens, they yiff on mother fucker, they yiff on.

Today, every major city has a furry convention. You can attend the Rocky Mountain Fur Con in August this year at the Marriott in DTC. Or meet up with the furry community in your area here. Word has it they’re very understanding and if all you want to wear is a set of ears and a tail your first few times, that’s all up to you.

So there you go, there’s your history lesson for the day now you can go on knowing more about furries than any of your friends.