Gary 'DESTRUCTO' Richards answers some questions before coming back to Denver

Gary 'DESTRUCTO' Richards answers some questions before coming back to Denver

MusicMarch 11, 2020

Forming his musical roots long before the global explosion of electronic music took over the world, Gary "DESTRUCTO" Richards' influence is solid. Since '91 he's been a force as both DJ and promoter of events like the HARD series and now President of LiveStyle North America. In short, the dude is the scene.

And he's coming back to Colorado to light the roof on fire at Temple Nighclub. Check him out March 14, but before you do here's a rundown on what he's been up to lately.

Gary hello! How are you and how are things!?
2020 is off to a great start!

You're coming back to Denver soon, what is it you enjoy about coming here?
The people in Colorado are amazing. I've had so many good times at Red Rocks, house parties, etc.

Tell us a bit about your new remix of Idris Elba's 'Ballie'; how did that relationship come to be?
We met for the first time at AMFDTLA and hit it off. I love his tunes!

Do you think Idris should be the new James Bond?

Speaking of, spending so much time on the road or in the studio do you even have time to keep up with TV/movies?
Not so much. I just saw Sonic with my son on a day off.

On average, how many hours a week would you say you're working
24 hours 7 days a week. I even get things done when I'm sleeping — I wake up and write things down.

About coming back to Colorado, what can fans expect out of the new set?
I started playing more of my tunes and edits in my sets. I think I got a solid, solid set this go around, but it always changes and morphs so we will see how we are feeling that night.

Let's talk future; where do you see yourself in 10 years? How about in 20?
Hopefully still DJing and making music. I am very happy with the way things are going.

Anything else you want our readers to know?
Come see me March 14th (Temple NIghtclub) and check out my new music coming in March. XO