A wine cooler redemption and the visible thong comeback, this month in trends

A wine cooler redemption and the visible thong comeback, this month in trends

CultureDecember 03, 2019


The Wine Cooler Redemption Tour
In 1991, a law was written that surged the nation’s excise tax on wine from $0.17 per gallon to a staggering $1.07 — effectively ending Bartles and Jaymes’ reign as the wine cooler powerhouse. However back in May, the company started paying the tax as a way to put “wine back into wine coolers,” according to the brand’s motto. So, if you’re sick of the hard seltzer fad, wino relief is on the horizon.

Finally, A Fake News Law
In early October, Singapore’s anti-fake news law went into effect. It’s one of the world’s strictest and can penalize a person with fines up to $36,000 USD and/or up to five years in prison. (Corporations found spreading falsehoods can be fined up to $1 million.) While the way it can be used to stifle free speech has come under scrutiny, no doubt other countries will follow eventually. Better warn grandma.

Celebrities: The New Sheriffs in Town
It’s great high-profile celebrities such as Beyoncé, Dr. Phil, Rihanna and *sigh* Kim Kardashian are using their status to try and get seemingly innocent people released from prison. What’s concerning, however, is that the lines between truth, justice, and Aunt Karen’s pseudo-science gossip shrink by the day. Careful, this might come back to bite us in the arse. No salt.


Human-like Skin as an Accessory
Yuuuuuuck. So when Ray Kurzweil says we’ll all be robots one day, maybe this is what he meant. Telecom Paris recently created a flesh-like phone cover that looks, feels, and reacts just like human skin. Sensors monitor when the stuff is touched, pinched and rubbed. Scientists claim that the applications for the sensual skin are yet unknown, but, come on. *nudge* Come on!

Like Screen Protectors, But For Shoes
This is where we’re at now. Reshoevn8r, a trusted cleaning brand with sneakerheads, recently launched rubber shields you can wear on the soles of your shoes to protect them from walking. Not sure how to feel: we have cases for phones. Shields for cars. Nice words instead of differing opinions. Hell just throw us all in a bubble and get it over with.


That Thong, Thong, Thong, Thong, Thong
According to popular women’s magazines, the hiked up g-string whale tail gem thong is back. It was a fashion trend that defined the early-2000s alongside Von Dutch trucker hats, Ed Hardy t-shirts and stomped on ecstasy. What next for America? A reality TV star becoming president? Pshhh, AS IF!